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feeds, & a welcome! January 23, 2008

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Welcome to Royce Drake, the newest blogger here. His first post, about veg*n food in prisons, is below. Thanks for joining us, Royce!

And as always, if there are other vegans of color who want to post here, please get in touch.

Speaking of staying in touch — add our RSS feed to your feed reader & you’ll be able to see new posts whenever they’re added. For those of you on Livejournal, your feed is here (cheers, Frandroid, for setting it up!).


Vegan Prisons

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I’m at work right now, and decided to cruise the blogosphere, and stumbled across PETA’s Top 10 Most Vegetarian Friendly Prison’s List. Given that people of color make up at least 70% (as of 1998, I couldn’t find more recent data right away), I thought the list was relevant, but what does it mean for people of color? Notice how comments make it out to be a special privilege to have veg*n foods. Also I’d just like to point out that I’m biased into thinking there is something wrong with the list because I just don’t like PETA.