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vegan soul food February 1, 2008

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I saw this article from the Washington Post a while ago & forgot to post it: “Vegan Soul Grows in Anacostia”. It’s about Levita Mondie-Sapp, a black schoolteacher who became vegan after her mother got cancer. She now has a catering business, Vita’s Eatery, & has won multiple awards for her chili in the local farmer’s market cook-off.

“People say it wouldn’t fly in Anacostia,” she says. “But the bottom line is that black people want their food to taste good. And I can make that happen.”

Awesome. Let’s keep showing folks that vegan food can be fabulous & doesn’t mean exclusion from cultural traditions either.

In my previous post, I mentioned that it seems like vegans motivated predominantly by health were more likely to fall off the wagon. It would appear that Mondie-Sapp could be an exception (neither the article nor her website makes mention of animal cruelty issues, although of course that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any stance on them).

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5 Responses to “vegan soul food”

  1. Chris Says:

    You should check out we have a wonderful message board going on Vegetarian/Vegan Southern Cooking.

  2. There’s now a vegan soul food restaurant in Kansas City, MO. :-)

  3. Deb Says:

    I wonder if Vita’s was at the Green Festival this year. If they were, I think that’s what I ate, and it was delicious! I have also eaten at the grocery store/food place that is just up the street from Soul Veg (near Howard University). Everlasting Life, I think it is called. Vegan soft serve. What more needs to be said?! :D

  4. vegansofcolor Says:

    All these comments are making me hungry. ;)

  5. […] is really too bad, because bloggers such as Elaine V and Vegans of Color have both talked extensively about how to eat vegan on the cheap and tasty. Filed under : […]

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