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If you can speak with animals, why are you eating them? February 10, 2008

It’s a long, boring story why, but I’m on a couple of mailing lists that have a lot of animal communicators on them — that is, people who say that they can speak with animals mind-to-mind, having conversations. I tend towards skepticism in most things, although I do think that there are more things in heaven & earth, Horatio, blah blah. We know that animals are capable of communicating with each other, & to some degree with humans, of course. To me it seems just as likely (or more, really) that there are some folks who can communicate on a deeper level with animals as it is that a guy could die & then come back to life 3 days later. But the latter belief is a respected & established one in American society, whereas the former gets you branded as a lunatic.

Anyway — that’s neither here nor there. The relevant bit is that there are people who believe they can communicate with animals. So, my question is, how the hell do they go on eating them? I can tell from the e-mails to the lists that many of the communicators are not veg*n: people have scorned the idea of animal rights & sent around those crazy right-wing links “debunking” the animal welfare groups, like HSUS, as being actually deluded enough to be for animal rights (ironic since most AR folks put HSUS firmly on the welfare side).

I am so tempted to ask them all if anyone has ever communicated with a pig on a factory farm. How about a cow on a rape rack? Or a free-range, organically-fed animal on a small family farm, right as it realizes it’s about to be killed at the whim of the farmer who treated it so nicely?

I suspect, if I got any serious answer & not just flamed, they would parrot something about the circle of life. Once there was a discussion about euthanizing animals at shelters, & someone said they used to have that job, & would communicate with the animals at the end. And that, apparently, the animals understood that they had to die, & it was okay, & they would still exist as Spirit & blah blah.

Okay, that has me skeptical. I could see an animal saying, “I hate living in a cage in this shelter where I’m giving almost no care or attention; I suppose death would be better.” But I feel like the person may be projecting zir own beliefs about the “necessity” of killing animals because there supposedly aren’t homes & we have no choice. To that, I’d say read Nathan Winograd‘s amazing book Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & the No Kill Revolution in America (my review is here). And then check out the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Anyway — I know that my relationship with my cats was part of the final push that made me become vegan (after 14 years of vegetarianism & 7+ years of near-veganism, due to lactose intolerance). So I’m finding it unfathomable that someone claiming to speak with animals — in pretty much the same manner humans speak to each other; I mean, people post transcripts! — could feel okay about the entirely unnecessary act of eating them. Talk about cognitive dissonance.


19 Responses to “If you can speak with animals, why are you eating them?”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I’d never thought about that, but you make a damn good point.

  2. vegansofcolor Says:

    Heh, thanks — do you mean about Jesus?

  3. Virginia Ray Says:

    Glad to see this post. I enjoyed their magazine until I found out that they took their classes to Arby’s for lunch and the oh so holy grand leader and teacher also eats meat because her guru told her it is natural. Here is what I wrote over the link I have to their work:

    Interspecies Communication – Their info is useful but take what they have to say with a grain of salt because these people eat animals. I doubt if they actually communicated with animals they could keep slaughtering them and eating their dead flesh . They do not live in Alaska on icebergs. They are urban – live near health food stores – have money. They choose to eat animals because they WANT to do it. One student wrote in to complain that they were taken to a Arby’s Beef Eaters place on lunch break from an Animal Communication workshop. Before you use a so called animal communicator, ask them if they eat meat. If they do, I bet it is a rip-off.

  4. vegansofcolor Says:

    Hi Virginia — thanks for your comment. Sounds like you are talking about a specific animal communicator, but yeah, your comment holds true for all of them.

    I once saw, on a mailing list, someone complaining about how a communicator she used wasn’t good BECAUSE she was vegetarian — the cat apparently communicated something about the type of meat s/he wanted, & the communicator was unsure based on the image/taste sensations being sent by the cat, because the communicator didn’t eat meat.

    Obviously I think quite the opposite.

  5. Jazza Says:

    I very much appreciate this article. I have often wondered about this issue myself. You see, some of us animal communicators are vegans, namely me. I have been a vegan and animal rights supporter for years before I started animal communication. I continue that lifestyle and belief system primarily for ethical reasons, and also to be true to myelf, and also because it makes really good sense for health. My health has vastly improved since I became a vegan.

    However, I do not condemn those who do eat meat. If I want them to listen to me, and to change, I must speak in a way that makes it safe for them to listen and to engage in a dialogue about the issue. By the way, animal communication is a great way to raise consciousness about the animals.

  6. johanna Says:

    Jazza — thanks for your comment! I’m reassured that there are vegan animal communicators out there.

    And I agree, the way in which we speak about these issues can make all the difference in how people respond & change (or don’t change) their behavior. It’s DEFINITELY still a skill I’m, er, trying to polish myself.

  7. sorchajack Says:

    I am an animal communicator as well. I dont call myself a vegetarian as I started eating fish a couple of years back because of health reasons, also why I am not a vegan.

    I could no more eat an animal than cut off my arm. I have to say I feel guilty about eating fish as in my mind, life is sacred in whatever form it is.

  8. Adam Says:

    I’d love to see “animal communicators” team up with those who speak with the deceased; that way we could hear first-hand accounts of how the happy animals on “family farms” feel when they are sent off to slaughter by those whom they trusted their entire lives. Now that would be a public service!

  9. sorchajack Says:


    I can contact the deceased, humans and animals. I dont know how open you are to this sort of thing, but from what I understand, the animals that are killed for food, are treated with even more respect when they pass.

    I too find it hard to take on board how, after raising an animal, feeding and caring for it, these people can send it off to be killed. But then, farmers classify their livestock as a crop, I suppose that says it all.

  10. VGAN4EVER Says:

    GREAT POST! I totally agree. In my web surfing, I found a vegan animal communicator named Laura Bruno. I would not trust a non vegan to communicate with animals! I might contact Laura Bruno to help me with some problems with one of my dogs, but she is expensive, $175 a half hour!

  11. ratsratsrats Says:

    Great article and so true. I have been researching communication with animals and it seems that very few communicators are vegan. I just don’t get it. If they really could talk to animals, they would stop eating meat after they had spoken to an animal on a factory farm.

    Mind you I think we can all read animal body language pretty well and if people don’t become veggie after seeing pictures of animals suffering, there is not much that will get through to them.

    Sorchajack, it is great that you don’t eat meat. However, people who say they must eat fish for health reasons don’t seem to understand that they can get everything they need from vegan sources, such as omega 3 from Flaxseed oil. Ex-vegetarians who blame their veggie diet for poor health must be taking a very lazy approach to their diet, as by eating a balanced vegan diet they could easily cover all their dietary needs and have the best health they have ever experienced.

  12. lousiee Says:

    I am not a person of color, so I hope it is alright that I am posting on this site. It is one of my favorite websites, and the discussion about the disconnect between animal communicators and vegans is a sore point for me also.

    Penelope Smith – the guru of animal communicators – has an extensive list of communicators around the world (but by no means an exhaustive one). I was wondering if there were room out there in cyberspace for a list of vegan animal communicators. It would accomplish several things – make it easier for those who want to use their services to find them, and possibly put some pressure on the non-vegan communicators to re-think their position. It may also prod vegan animal communicators to mention their vegan lifestyle on their own website.

    I have heard that Amelia Kincaide and Sharon Callahan are vegan communicators. Anyone able to confirm, or add to the list?

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    I am an animal communicator, and I have been both a vegan and ovo-lacto vegetarian in the past. However, neither diet worked well with my Native American genes and I became insulin-resistant with borderline Type II diabetes, which caused me other significant medical problems. For me to maintain health and vitality, I do best on a traditional Native American diet. I cannot do much about my genes. They are inherited from people who survived multiple ice ages through hunting and gathering.

    I believe that human beings are evolving consciously and physically to become vegetarian and eventually vegan, but we all need adequate time to evolve. I laud and appreciate everyone who is able to be vegan and be healthy now.

    Unfortunately, I have met vegan clients who are so fanatical and judgmental, they try to make their cats become vegan.
    A really impossible situation for a cat!

    Please don’t try to make your cat become vegan, they will never become either vegan nor vegetarian, but they will eventually love to work with us catching mice on our biodynamic farms.

  14. Missy Says:

    Elizabeth you are uninformed:

    How the vegan diet CURES type 2 diabetes. You are diabetic BECAUSE you aren’t vegan.

  15. Missy Says:

    BTW guys I’m a long time vegan and I wanted to mention that I have been astral projecting for years. Upon waking I have some telepathic ability and have used it with my boyfriend. I am a sender with him, not a receiver. I have proven telepathy to myself with him. I can communicate to others in “dreams” (as we call them) and I have proven that with others, also a form of telepathy. I also have astral vision as I first wake up and can see a sleeping person’s astral body or astral phenomenon for a brief moment with my physical eyes. The most amazing experience I had a few years ago was when my dog “spoke” to me. I was just waking from sleep and she barked at me from next to the bed. Her bark was instantly translated into spoken words in my mind. She said to me (she’s a very impatient girl)…WHY ARE YOU NOT AWAKE YET! I thought it was so funny, no contractions!

    My point, telepathy is real, I have experienced it. However, I do wonder if these corpse munching so-called animal communicators are charlatans. You CAN NOT have telepathic ability and not be vegan! Telepathy requires empathy and LOTS of it. IN fact, I believe the vegan diet would be required to generate the telepathic ability as it is proven to be a requirement for energizing the spirituality.

  16. Louise Says:

    Hi people

    Love this discussion. We have an amazing lady in Australia – a vegan animal communicator and a trained animal shaman. She now trains others in a school that combines spirituality and telepathic skills. Check out



  17. SY Says:

    I have wondered about this myself and I agree that they are rationalising their desires (to eat meat) with projections that these animals are willing to be killed and eaten (which I really find hard to believe) or that their health will suffer if they don’t (common arguments their genes or their blood type demands it). I’m type O was a total carnivore before the pain of eating animals became greater than the pain of going without and have been totally healthy since then after going through a period of adjustment. I think those who suffer on a veggie/vegan diet have not explored enough to find replacements for the meat they think they need. I was anemic for a while but instead of going back to red meat I found that a spoon of blackstrap molasses took care of the problem. My dogs are vegetarians and I have friends with veggie cats. I don’t know if animal communicators who eat meat can really talk to animals but I would think at the very least it would impair their judgement because of vested interest. Another common argument is that plants are also sentient beings. I don’t believe that to be the case but even if it is so the level of suffering mus be so different compared to an animal with a nervous system. So I respectfully ask that they would reconsider their positions if they are still supporting the meat industry.

  18. Selina Says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this! I just googled about animal communication and veganism, this is something that has bothering a lot lately.
    I do understand that some people need meat in order to not get sick, all respect especially to the person who said was of native american origin.

    Of course many animals they communicate with are carnivores, they also have to eat meat.

    I think this was pretty interesting to quote Elizabeth: “I believe that human beings are evolving consciously and physically to become vegetarian and eventually vegan, but we all need adequate time to evolve. I laud and appreciate everyone who is able to be vegan and be healthy now.”

    I wish it was so, I just don’t know, I am myself vegan and thriving. But I am becoming more and more skeptical about other people evolving into it. Seems like so many people out there do not care about animal issues, and so many start on diets that are very high in animal products and think it’s healthy.

    Anyway, I would want to know more about how exactly are the factory farmed animals feeling, what do they think of people who consume them and what do they think vegans?

    Well, on to search deeper into the internet, perhaps I shall find some answers. I’m good at handling and communicating with animals on a more primitive levels but cannot communicate with animals myself like the communicators do… yet at least.

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