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Other Veg*n Blogs February 10, 2008

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We’ve been added to both the Vegan Blogroll & Vegan Blog Tracker (thanks!). There are some interesting blogs aggregated on those sites, so check them out… & add your own!


4 Responses to “Other Veg*n Blogs”

  1. charmedquark Says:

    oh oh, mine’s not just pertaining to veganism, but can I get added – I’ve put yours on my blogroll.

  2. Billy Says:

    Awesome, my blog was added to the mix as well! Vegan Blog Tracker is a really good idea.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll. Would you link to mine (Vegan Talk:


  3. vegansofcolor Says:

    Charmedquark, right now I’m trying to limit the vegan blogs in the blogroll to those that are all/mostly about vegan stuff (except for the vegans of color category, b/c highlighting that vegans of color exist, & helping us find each other & dialogue, is part of the mission of this blog).

    Billy — I’ll add your blog, thanks.

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