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Two quick links before bed March 6, 2008

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Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*nism is a round-up by pattrice jones of some interesting recent blog posts.

And over on Vegan FAQ, this great post addresses meat-eaters who bring up the line about how the Indians used the whole buffalo. Then the omnis claim that they are honoring Indians, & Indian traditions, when they eat meat. In short: um, no.


6 Responses to “Two quick links before bed”

  1. Billy Says:

    Thanks for the links! I checked out the SuperWeed blog, which looks great. Yet another blog to stay on top of.

    I’ve never heard the argument from omnivores that they’re honoring Indians. That’s absurd. People who use that line are just grabbing at straws as a defense mechanism.

    I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

  2. […] I found this comment via Vegans of Color via SuperWeed via Black Looks regarding Vegans of Color (like the full circle thingy there? Me […]

  3. noemi Says:

    do people actually use that excuse??? I mean, seriously. Folks have told me I don’t eat “mexican” or whatever, and I’m like-apparently you weren’t at my house for dinner last night.

  4. johanna Says:

    Billy — yeah, I heart SuperWeed!! Thanks for reading! And re: the Indian thing — I haven’t heard it phrased quite the way that post put it, but I’ve seen people arguing that, “like the Indians, I’m honoring the animal that died so I could eat!” (which obviously not true in so many ways)

    Noemi — Ew, I can’t believe folks say that to you. Ugh. (*cough* Feel free to write a post about that, if you want, hehehe.) I get less of that myself since I grew up kind of disconnected from the two halves of my background anyway, but I’ve still run into a little bit of the “Oh, you don’t eat this or that? Well, how could you eat any Filipino food then???” stuff.

  5. Noemi M Says:

    Johanna-I’m trying to beat some deadlines, but I’ll start formulating something in my head…

  6. vegansofcolor Says:

    Hey, no worries, Noemi — I totally know that real life takes precedence over blogging! If/when you get a chance, that would be awesome — but if not, no problem.

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