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Shameless Plea for Publicity March 23, 2008

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I saw this from It’s Easy Being Vegan. It’s from VegNews:

March VegNewsletter Question of the Month + Giveaway
Blogs: They’re freakin’ everywhere. No matter what you’re looking for—from serious news content to the opinions of more than a few lunatic minds—you can find a blog to fit your fancy. Naturally, there are about a bajillion vegan blogs of all stripes: food blogs with coma-inducing photography, abolitionist blogs with political content, and blogs dedicated to veg resources. Those categories don’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the other kinds of blogs that happen to be written by us veggie types. So this month, what we really want to know is: What are your top five favorite blogs?

Send us an email by March 31 and tell us all about which blogs you love and why. Is it their design? Their in-depth recipe details? The amazing products they feature? Whatever the reason, we want to hear it. You may just see your favorite blog honored in our VegBloggy Awards, coming soon to a July+August issue of VegNews near you!

To even out the technology-heavy question this month, we’ll be selecting one respondent to win a ’70’s Throwback Gift Bag. We’re sure you’ve all read the groundbreaking “History of Vegetarianism” article in the current issue, which covers the emergence of the ever-expanding modern veg movement (and if you haven’t, you may want to step away from the screen and give it a gander). Remember what the animal-product-free lifestyle was like before there was The Web, much less Web 2.0? In honor of times past, this month’s giveaway will feature our signature VN tote bag filled with goodies that are sure to take you right back to the golden age of disco.

If anyone’s so inclined, please feel free to e-mail VegNews with your affection for this blog! I am guessing a lot of the blogs mentioned will be food photography/recipe blogs, which are great, but I personally would love to see more blogs that look at veg*nism in wider cultural & political contexts: hey, like this blog!

Anyway, it’d be sweet to get some more readers — & some more bloggers! — so if you enjoy this blog, please let them know! Thanks.


5 Responses to “Shameless Plea for Publicity”

  1. Sara Says:

    I nominated the Vegans of Color blog on Feb 22 but didn’t get a reply from Veg News yet. Hope other people nominate this Vegans of Color to VegNews!

    Additionally – has anyone read the recent VegNews article “From Hippie to Hip”? It’s unfortunate (but not surprising) in its lack of inclusion of non-white vegetarian history.



  2. Sara2 Says:

    I put this blog as one of my five and I actually won the giveaway, woot!

  3. vegansofcolor Says:

    Wow, Sara, congrats! And thanks for putting us as one of your top 5 vegan blogs!! Does that mean they did the drawing earlier than advertised? Eeep, not nice for them!

    I haven’t read that article, but its title alone makes me wince.

  4. Sara2 Says:

    Not sure, and I haven’t gotten anything yet. Maybe they are doing a few different drawings. Maybe I was spammed 😉

  5. […] of gratitude to VoC reader Sara, who nominated us for the award (as well as any other readers who did, of course). Thank you very […]

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