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umbrella activists April 14, 2008

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so say you’re going to a work related conference, dealing with human and sex trafficking. And say that there is an award ceremony at big city zoo being planned. Do you politely decline the awards ceremony or do you voice your concern over having such an event at a place of animal cruelty and how you are opposed to animals living in captivity. Is it too much to ask for a leap of consciousness with human rights activists? I would also like to say that I am first a human rights activists, an immigrant rights activist, a domestic violence survivor activist, an alternative media maker, a radical* parent, living a nonviolent life. But when one mentions all these in addition to believing in animal rights, people think I’m off the rocker. Why is it also hard to conceive the notion of hierarchical privilege and violence that comes with eating an animal to activists already working on violence against men, women and children?

-I changed the title of this post from “musings on activists” to “umbrella activists”

*If radical means to you equal rights, human rights, mujer centered, non gendered parenting, alternative media promoter, domestic violence survivor and activist-then I guess you can say I’m a “radical” parent.