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Veg*n Futures, Take Two May 14, 2008

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Some of you may remember this post on futures without meat, as expressed in science fiction & fantasy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I am going to be on the following panel:

Soylent Green or Just Plain Soy?

Soy has been portrayed as a miracle product, able to be transformed into food to please any human or alien palate. Is a vegetable-based diet inevitable as we realize the environmental impacts of deforestation to raise cattle, animal waste contamination of ground water, and massive water shortages? What would a world full of vegetarians look like? Will our brave new vegetarian world be a soy monoculture, or are there alternatives that can still feed the world? Is there such a thing as vegetarian SF/F?

M: Heather Galaxy, Johanna Eeva, Ian Hagemann, Isabel Schechter

All the panelists except one are people of color, neatly putting paid to stereotypes.

Where will this awesomeness be taking place? At WisCon, a feminist science fiction convention that’s been around for over 30 years. Intersectionality is generally a big deal at WisCon; last year there were so many panels about race that I said gleefully that I felt like I could do RaceCon if I wanted.

If anyone has any further suggestions for veg*n science fiction or fantasy, please let me know! I’ve since read Scarlett Thomas’s The End of Mr. Y, which has an animal rights sensibility (there’s a really gut-wrenching & important scene about the plight of lab mice). What else?


4 Responses to “Veg*n Futures, Take Two”

  1. Some ideas:
    1. Lab animal mutates into ultra smart, but ultra selfish creature and starts experimenting on people.
    2. Aliens come and decide they love the taste of human breast milk. They set up human dairy farms.
    3. A group of people decide to become pets for another group of people. Strangeness ensues.
    4. Veganism is the norm. Meat-eaters are imprisoned. Story of a child who grows up conflicted about her imprisoned parents.
    5. Everyone has cancer except a few vegans. They’re charting their way through the end one era into a new one.

  2. coathangrrr Says:

    The was a short story in a anthology by Sterling or Gibson that was all about how super-intelligent raccoons had taken over the state of Colorado, told in the form of a newspaper article. That’s always been one of my favorite short stories.

  3. There’s always Marge Piercy’s lovely “Woman on the Edge of Time.”

  4. johanna Says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I need to post about how the panel went sometime soon. Elaine, re: your #2 — the panel did talk about how SF can use that sort of thing (like aliens coming to earth & using humans as a food source) to examine specieism among humans. I like your story ideas — I still want to see an anthology of veg*n/AR-themed SF/F someday!

    Coathangrrr — that story sounds awesome. Super-intelligent raccoons??? Yeah!

    Feministdonut — Oh. I feel silly for having forgotten about that book; it’s been a while since I’ve read it, but mostly what I think about when I recall it is the way parenting & childbirth is de-coupled from sex, & the non-monogamy — two things I really appreciated. 🙂

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