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Poak Chops: Valuing Women, Pigs…Consumption June 10, 2008

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My friend showed me this music video several weeks ago, and now, just as then, I’m in shock. The value of these women is placed directly onto their body through analogizing them to decapitated and fried animal parts. Literally.



3 Responses to “Poak Chops: Valuing Women, Pigs…Consumption”

  1. johanna Says:

    Well, it certainly illustrates the sexual politics of meat, doesn’t it?

    Maybe I am jaded, but… it doesn’t strike me as that much more shocking than other instances of women being likened to meat that I’ve seen over the years in music or other forms of media. Or is there something in particular I missed? Seriously, some days I am too glazed to be properly appalled at things, so maybe I missed something.

    I was actually more shocked by the recent TV thingy where people had to design dresses made out of meat & then models were wearing them — I guess for me because it was that much more visual & literal.

  2. philadread Says:

    This is not only sad but actually tragic. I was most upset at the young, i mean young girls in the video. What mother in good sense allows their child to be prostituted. I guess that is what ham and cheese sandwiches do to the brain. We really need to do better and educate folks

  3. chiyem Says:

    Oddly, the relegation of Black women’s value to meat is not as striking to me here as what we might think of as the potential for a radical gender performance in this video. This video seems to have been shot in a semi (if not) rural, historically Black space. The public (read: acknowledged) use of that space by a Transgendered woman complicates what we are thinking of in terms of “woman” and gendered performances/implications/impositions. Don’t get me wrong: little girls twirkin’ and that haunting re-iteration of my hip/buttocks/vaginal areas as “fat” or some nefarious, yet irresistable “it” aren’t exactly part of my definition of social movement. However, I did just want to throw that out there…I know gender is a very complex taking-up, but this isn’t as easily codified as what we imagine to be the usual agents of “poak chop” rhetoric.

    Yeah…a Black woman’s erotic power should definitely not be bargained for the better-than-scraps part of a pig.

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