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Local Vegans of Color Meet-Ups! July 31, 2008

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Hey People!

I was thinking it might be sweet to have local vegan of color meet ups. If you’d be interested, leave a comment here so that I can gauge interest. Then, if there’s enough of a response, I’ll start an email list to try to get stuff figured out!


14 Responses to “Local Vegans of Color Meet-Ups!”

  1. johanna Says:

    I’m interested! I live in NYC, but come the fall I’m relocating to Bristol, England (& I am particularly interested in meeting any vegans of color there, as there is apparently a large & thriving vegan social network in Bristol, but am apprehensive about unacknowledged vegan white privilege, especially in a city so much whiter than I’m used to).

  2. Meep Says:

    I live in Portland, OR where there are a lot of vegans but not so many brown people… at least none that I know.

  3. Noemi Says:

    oh my, awesome idea!

  4. meridith Says:

    I’m not sure where the vegan POC are in Indianapolis, but I would be interested in meeting up with people in/around Chicago and the midwest in general.

  5. Kanika A. Hodges Says:

    I’d definitely be interested in a vegan of colour meetup. (I live near NYC)

  6. Royce Drake Says:

    I’m up for a meetup in the NY. I live in the Hudson Valley.

  7. Count me in. I’m in NJ and can meet there, in NYC, and Philly.

    Meep, I was just in Portland for a few days and loved it, especially all the food! It kicked San Francisco’s ass (lotsa local meat stuff going on there). If I could afford to attend a meetup there, I’d be all over it.

  8. Njeri Says:

    I’m up for it. I live in Westchester but will travel miles for vegan food and social time!

  9. serenityinseoul Says:

    I would be interested, too…but doubt there are a lot of Seoul residents reading this. In case there are any, I’ll just mention that I became aware of the Seoul Vegetarian Club recently. (

  10. emfole Says:

    I would LOVE to be an ally in your group if you would have me. I am a queer Jew but white…so, if you all would consider having allies sometimes…I am a big fan of this blog and of acknowledging and discussing the intersectionality of race, gender, environmental and animal issues. I certainly support your right to have your own space; I am offering myself as an ally. Good luck organizing.

  11. emfole Says:

    oops- i am in nyc

  12. supernovadiva Says:

    i would love to meet up with dallas vocs.

  13. WriteBlack Says:

    Anyone in Central Florida (the Orlando area)? How about Florida in general?

  14. Winston Says:

    This is probably a bit late…
    Orange County, NY during the summer.
    New York City during the Fall.

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