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What do McCain and Palin Mean for VOCs? September 11, 2008

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I will not to get distracted about the whole Bristol Palin pregnancy thing. There are more things that I’m concerned with.

What I am concerned about is that if Palin/McCain wins, what will it mean for those of us involved with animal rights movement as well as holistic health and planted-based dietary eating? May be I am paranoid here, but I wonder if McCain and Palin would actually try to make it an act of “terrorism” if US Citizens do not subscribe to biopharmeceutical “remedies”, do not subscribe to a carni-centric diets, etc. After all, this could be perceived as an act of terrorism against good ole American businesses that rely on exploitation of non-human animals, degradation of our landbase, and exploitation of so many people’s fear and misinformation around “health” and “food”. Would we be seen as “the enemy”?

I know with the Bush administration, the AR movement is considered domestic terrorism already. Just something to think about, especially since so many of us rely on “alternative” forms of food and healing in our lives.


3 Responses to “What do McCain and Palin Mean for VOCs?”

  1. supernovadiva Says:

    When the Constitution is being shredded and people’s homes are raided/ arrests for being suspected of planning a protest before the RNC, everything’s up for grabs. It makes me nervous everytime I hear McCain/Palin. Everytime he mentions Iran I know more of my family is going to war and she faught against the polar bears being on the endangered list so more oil can be drilled. As a parent, I’ve already heard the lectures against being veg*n. Anything against the grain by POCs is considered a militant act.

  2. sorsofilia Says:

    I think that’s all really possible. Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius? There are great youtube videos about it, and you can download the entire codex. It’s chilling, vile, disturbing and ratified. It’s a threat to everyone except people who are comfortable popping Tylenol Allergy every time they sneeze.

  3. ThoughtCriminal Says:

    Palin just might say that eating animals is “God’s will” just like the war in Iraq and drilling for oil in Alaska. Any vegan may be seen as a heretic and thus worthy of punishment. The fact that the MSM won’t show how insane she is or how much of a lunatic Mccain is is very disturbing. Disturbing just like this vid about Palin’s church –
    (Think “Jesus Camp”)

    However, I don’t see Obama/Biden as being much better. Obama isn’t anti-war (pro peace) because he still wants to chase Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan over the false flag events known as 9/11. This may very likely lead to more issues with bordering Pakistan, in which there are already US operations (to “hunt” Al-Qaeda) taking place “in tribal areas”, killing many civilians. He is backed by Zbigniew Brzezinski who has a book (The Grand Chessboard) detailing plans for the US to take over the Middle East. He also is a (blind?) supporter of Israel and their policies, despite his advisor’s (Brzezinski’s) apparent criticism of them. Plus he’s clearly said that all options are on the table for Iran, especially if they threaten “our stalwart ally” Israel. This is not to mention that he is related to Bush, Cheney, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman, James Madison, Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee. Yes, that’s right. It’s hard to imagine that it’s just a coincidence and that all politicians aren’t handled and controlled.
    Sorry to get a little off topic but all these actor/politicians all make me fucking sick. “Lights… camera… Lie to the people!”
    We’re fucked no matter who gets in office.

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