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Factory Farming Goes Mainstream October 13, 2008

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Tomorrow’s Oprah will feature an investigative report involving factory farming.   Here’s a brief description of the show:

Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat

Have you ever wondered what cage-free or free range really means? Lisa Ling takes a rare look inside some of America’s farms. Where does our food come from?


Considering how wide Oprah’s audience is, I am quite elated that she decided to do a show on factory farming.   I highly doubt if masses of people will go veg upon seeing the show, but if mainstream America finally learns where their meat comes from, perhaps there will be an outcry large enough to put a stop to the suffering of farm animals.

I will check out Oprah tomorrow after work if I can (normally, I am home when her show is half-over), but I’d love to see open discourse and reviews from others who have seen the show.  Discuss!  🙂


7 Responses to “Factory Farming Goes Mainstream”

  1. Fredrik Fälth Says:

    It would be great if they revealed the horrible truth of factory farming AND presented veganism as the ONLY way to truly live a compassionate life.

    However, this is not going to happen.

    You see, Wayne Pacelle of HSUS is going to be there and after the horrible images are shown he will not touch the V-word, even with a ten foot pole. Instead, he will tell every horrified person in America that you DON’T have to give up meat. He will tell us that you can be a good, compassionate human and still consume animal corpses, as long as they are Happy Meat. Then, he will tell all Californian viewers that they need to vote for his proposition 2, which will bring bliss to all the tortured animals in California. Obviously, he won’t mention any of the well-deserved critique against prop 2, including that which comes from the vegan direction. (

    This will be yet another failed opportunity for massive vegan outreach and yet another victory for the multi-million-dollar industry called HSUS. The appearance on Oprah will secure many sweet donation dollars for Pacelle and should prop 2 win, HSUS will have hit the jackpot.

    Me being cynic? Let’s watch and see. I may be wrong, but I strongly doubt so.

  2. I am recording it. Already there is strong pro-vegan discussion on Oprah’s website:
    I think there is potential here.

  3. FYI, animal industry targets “Hispanics” because they’re cheap, er… “focused on value”:

    More related to the post above, I’ve written a little review of the Oprah show here:

  4. supernovadiva Says:

    oh oh get ready for another lawsuit or commercials with happy dancing chickens wanting to be fried.

  5. I thought the same thing as supernovadiva! I don’t really care for Oprah, but I am glad that she’s putting this information out there. Maybe it will plant a seed in some minds.

  6. Noemi Says:

    animal industry targets “Hispanics” because they’re cheap, er… “focused on value”:


  7. Kanika Says:

    A word of warning to those who may read the Oprah boards- You may want to proceed w/caution most of the comments are pretty loaded w/self-righteous speciesism & overall ignorance…Some even got angry w/Oprah for doing the show! Unfortunately, some people will justify anything. 😦

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