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Vegans of Color on Animal Voices January 3, 2009

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Joselle & I were interviewed recently for the excellent Animal Voices podcast. I know both of us had a lot of fun doing the interview & were really honored to be asked to be part of such a great show. You can listen to the interview here. Big thanks to Lauren & Karol for having us!


3 Responses to “Vegans of Color on Animal Voices”

  1. meridith Says:

    Can’t wait to download the podcast! I’m a huge fan of Animal Voices and the VOC blog.

  2. This comment isn’t in regards to the post above. This is simply me contacting you (because I don’t see/know another way).

    I thought you might find this poll interesting:
    If all you heard were the anti-Japan slurs from Whale Wars, you might conclude that Japanese people don’t care about the environment. The truth is, Japanese people seem to care about the environment about as much as Americans do.

  3. […] January 6, 2009 Filed under: Uncategorized — johanna @ 1:33 pm Elaine Vigneault recently commented giving a link to this Galllup poll showing that the Japanese attempt to live a green lifestyle […]

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