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Vegan Soul Kitchen Cookbook Out in March January 8, 2009

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Somehow I failed to hear about this cookbook until fairly recently: Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen is due out in March. Chef and food justice activist Terry, who also co-authored Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen with Anna Lappé , will be offering up a bonanza of deliciousness — check out this sample list of recipes:

Double Mustard Greens & Roasted Yam Soup; Cajun-Creole-Spiced Tempeh Pieces with Creamy Grits; Citrus and Spice Pickled Watermelon Rind; Caramelized Grapefruit, Avocado, and Watercress Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigrette; Sweet Cornmeal-Coconut Butter Drop Biscuits; and Molasses-Vanilla Ice Cream with Candied Walnuts

HELLO. The book is due out March 2… as it turns out, in time for a birthday present for me! Can’t wait.

VOC blogger Breeze Harper recently attended a brunch & brainstorming session around the book & how to get it into the hands of people other than the usual (white, middle class) suspects.

Also, check out what Terry would serve if he were White House chef. Items on the menu include Universal Health Care Collards and Gay and Trans Rights-Roasted Grapes with Red Wine, yeah! (Though there’s also a salmon dish… yuck. I’m going to read that as fake vegan salmon in my head.)


12 Responses to “Vegan Soul Kitchen Cookbook Out in March”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    The book and recipes sounds great. Too bad he isn’t vegan, at least from an ethical standpoint.

  2. ThoughtCriminal Says:

    “Yuck” is right : )
    Thanks for posting this, Johanna.

    If vegan soul food (read – real soul food) is your thing, as it is mine, then you may be interested in this book as well;

  3. WriteBlack Says:

    I’m glad this is being published. I’ll definitely review it for my site as soon as I can get my hands on it.

  4. Joselle Says:

    Those recipes sound yummy! I wanted to take a class with Bryant Terry at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City last year but it never happened. I’m glad I can check out the class in bookform now.

  5. supernovadiva Says:

    my goal is to buy every vegan soulfood book that comes around.
    soul vegetarian is always in demand (reissue it dangit! mine was stolen!) can’t wait for this one to come out. i don’t care if he’s vegan honestly. sometimes the best flavorful veg foods came out of a meat eater looking for that ‘flavor’. BUT i’m not digging the adding of salmon in a vegan cookbook. c’mon now. but i still cook from my omni cookbooks so hey…
    i was wondering what black people you were targeting? if you were trying to reach the general black public, i think the church is the answer headed by a good pastor- not one of those shakedown former pimp, my congregation is the lord’s atm types. do cooking demos there. some churches are already holding weight watcher meetings and exercise classes on weekdays. there is an interest.
    the afrocentric, anti establishment ones (me) are already being reached so you’ll be preaching to the choir.
    good luck!

  6. Grownupnai Says:

    Yes! I cant wait.

  7. bryantterry Says:

    thanks everyone for the support. i can’t wait to share VSK with you in march. i do not include salmon in my new book (we could not call it a “vegan” cookbook if i did). and i did not really compose a recipe for “Peaceful Poached Salmon with Disarmament Dill Sauce.” the menu that I offered for my “application” to be Obama’s chef was simply a way to advance a progressive agenda. (Can you imagine how corny it would be to offer a real menu with those names.) i wish you a prosperous new year.

    –b. terry

  8. Akeeba Says:

    Yay! So glad for this to come out. Now hopefully I can get my family interested in a vegan Thanksgiving this year 🙂

  9. Noemi M Says:

    just in time for my birthday too. woot.

  10. indo Says:

    has anyone seen/tried the vegan soulfood guide to the galaxy? it’s by afya ibomu.

  11. Raet Says:

    I too am looking forward to this book.

  12. Sheila Says:


    I’m a Virgin Vegan. I’ve come across some great vegan foods. And my body feels so much better. Can’t wait for your book.

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