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A Belated Congratulations April 11, 2009

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This is way overdue, but VOC blogger Breeze Harper recently gave birth to Sun, a baby boy. Congratulations, Breeze!! I’m sure you’re a little busy right now (heh), but if & when you get the chance, I know folks would like to read your thoughts about VOC mamahood.


9 Responses to “A Belated Congratulations”

  1. ThoughtCriminal Says:

    Congratulations, Breeze!
    When is your vegan pregnancy and motherhood book coming out? ; D

  2. mel Says:

    Hooray for Breeze and Sun!

  3. derarchimedischepunkt Says:

    Hello VOCs and dear Breeze Harper. I also want to add my “congratulations to the proud parents”. (Can you say that this way in English?.) Anyway all congratulations!!

  4. Noemi Says:

    I did not know this! congrats! vegan mamis untie!

  5. Alicia Says:

    Congrats Breeze! Yay for vegan babies!!!

  6. johanna Says:

    Rad post by Ryan of the Veg Blog here, about raising his vegan (mixed-race, I believe — future blogger here, maybe? One can hope!) daughter. Includes a super cute audio clip!!

  7. johanna Says:

    (Is that link doing weird things? Anyway, the post is here: )

  8. Joselle Says:

    Congratulations again, Breeze. Sun is absolutely gorgeous and radiant, much like his name. Much love to you during this very precious time.

  9. supernovadiva Says:

    congrats breeze. babies are awesome.
    sleep when the baby sleeps. that was the best advise ever given to me. you’re going to be great parents.

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