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Bolivia Bans Circus Animals July 17, 2009

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Bolivia is the first country in the world to ban the use of all non-human animals in circuses.

I didn’t actually think that was something that was on the table for any nation. It seems part of the reason is that animals were kept in “inhumane” conditions (small cages, dirty water, poked with sticks, etc, etc). Hopefully this will be a trend to ban domesticated animals as well as wild animals (a number of contries have banned wild animals apparently) from being used in circuses. At the same time would it be a stretch to see this law as giving precedent for other animal rights campaigns in Bolivia?


12 Responses to “Bolivia Bans Circus Animals”

  1. Alicia Says:

    I think this is absolutely phenomenal. I don’t know if it will set a precedent for other countries but it is a powerful message to ban circus animals and will hopefully lead legislatures in other countries to take a second, third, and fourth look at the issue. It’s definitely a big step for Bolivia so my hat goes off to them.

  2. johanna Says:

    This is amazing.

    I’m also interested in the Animal Defenders International organization mentioned in the article, with offices in London, San Francisco, & also Bogota. I know very little about animal rights movements in Colombia & had never heard about this group. I’m adding them to the long list of things I need to look up sometime in the near future…

    • Tim Says:

      Dear Johanna,
      Here’s background on the campaign for the ban in Bolivia:
      This includes evidence collected by our field officers inside the circuses in Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. A big investigation in Brazil has followed. If you think that getting into labs (as we did at HLS last year) and circuses to collect evidence is a waste of money, then support another group. Flick through the website and see the groups we are working with.
      Here’s a joint site launched with AnimaNaturalis in Spain on primate experiments just last week.
      and ADI is working with 14 groups across Europe on the new vivisection legislation.
      Grow up “Animal Friend with the personal experience” and judge groups by what they actually do for animals.

  3. NOOOOOO Says:

    ADI is not a organization I would recommend getting involved with. They waste their supports (mostly elderly ladies) money, treat their staff members horribly and fails to cooperate with any other organization. ADI is a joke to all animal welfare organizations. ANY other would make a better choice.

    Best wishes
    Animal friend with personal experience of ADI

  4. Louche Says:

    johanna, they were certainly be termed a welfarist group by Gary Francione. That’s obvious from their website.

  5. NOOOOOO Says:

    Louche: Which organizations (in the UK or elsewhere) would Francione actually endorse? According to Francione, any organization working with single issue campaigns (other than strict vegan outreach), is a part of the “new welfarism”. As I understand it, Gary Francione would consider the Bolivian circus animals ban as either unimportant/insignificant, or counterproductive.

    For instance, here’s a Francionie statement:
    “In my work, I have argued that animal advocates should not spend their time and resources on single-issue campaigns because as long as there is no political base in favor of abolishing animal exploitation, there can be no realistic hope for legislation that will significantly protect animal interests through the prohibition of various forms of animal exploitation.”

    And here is another one (Francione on anti-fur events):
    “And so I think these single issue campaigns are really problematic, because they suggest there’s a morally… in the fur case, it suggests that there’s a morally relevant difference between fur on the one hand, and leather and wool on the other hand – but there isn’t.”

    Both the examples are taken from his own website. There are plenty of others.

  6. Noemi Says:

    amazing, never thought something like this would happen. If this ever happens in the US, my kids will know what a circus is.

  7. C Says:

    NOOOOOO, In Francione’s book, Rain Without Thunder, he actually outlines incremental steps that would be consistent with the “animal rights” or “abolitionist” stance. Having read that book, I’d have to say that a complete ban on a certain activity would fit in with his approach.
    However that does not mean that ADI is not a “new welfarist” organization. You even refer to them as a “welfare organization” do you not? So what’s the issue here?
    The term “new welfarism” is a term Francione created to define those individuals or groups that claim to have abolition of institutionalized animal exploitation as a goal but pursue welfare reforms in the mean time as a step toward abolition. If you’ve read any of the work by Francione you would see that there is no proof AT ALL that welfare reforms have done anything but increase nonhuman animal suffering in the past 200 years and have not led one step in the direction of the abolition of institutionalized animal exploitation.

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  9. daaa Says:

    But this isn’t some animal online petition for a single issue or a single person advocating on single issue, this is a governmental body saying no more animals in the circus. If we find a circus using animals it will be shut down and confiscation, so I would gather. This Mother earth law idea is unprecedented!

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