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Something is Off in this Picture, or Yahoo’s Endangered Species July 26, 2009

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Hint: Something here doesnt belong.

Hint: Something here doesn't belong.


6 Responses to “Something is Off in this Picture, or Yahoo’s Endangered Species”

  1. Anonymous2 Says:

    Im thinking that you are pointing out that in the right they have a link to ‘Mariachis, an endangered species?’. So Im playing the devils advocate here..

    Are you thinking that Yahoo is doing something intentional here by associating there Mariachi player story with the endangered animals story…as opposed to a computer algorithm that just scans for words such as animals or endangered and assembles the page?

    or are thinking that the title of the video title is intentionally written to associate Mariachi artists with animals?

    Please elaborate.
    BTW is is possible, since the video is filmed in another country the producer from another country chose that title and when it came over to the US, the US broadcasters chose not to change it due to not interfering with artistic integrity of the producer.

    • Royce Says:

      Regardless of the intentional nature Yahoo allowed a video about people (people of color) to be placed in a section about animals and wildlife. I don’t care whether it was on purpose, it doesn’t keep it from being fucked up.

  2. Anonymous2 Says:

    I agree, and this should be reported to Yahoo asap to be removed. I was just pointing out that it is quite possible this was not intentional nor even being generated by a human

    • Royce Says:

      I have reported it. It has been a day, and it is still there. It has also been there since Friday. As I said intentionality isn’t the most important thing.

  3. meridith Says:

    Hi Royce, Many newspapers and news search engines use a theme engine, or automation, to automatically generate stories and photos. Terms like “endangered species,” “animals,” “wildlife”, and so on are closely related thematically.

    If an article or image isn’t correctly tagged — for example doing a google search on “endangered species” (using quotes) will pull up different results if you do a search for endangered species (without quotes) or “endangered” or “species” individually — you get results like your screen shot above.

    There was similar attention given to a Washington Post article in May. The headline “36 Chicago area students killed sets record” featured a photo of Obama’s children. The Huffington Post had a brief article on the mix-up, where the Post’s editor mentioned they use automation. URL:

    I’d still follow up with Yahoo since I doubt someone manually entered the item. And the cutesy-but-speciest headline for the mariachi article? That has to do with the copy editor of the original article, in this case AFP.

    • Royce Says:

      I have followed up with Yahoo. I’m more upset that it has been 2 and a half weeks and Yahoo hasn’t done anything. Despite the claim that they respond in 24 hours.

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