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2010: Year the Seal? July 28, 2009

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So I generally don’t like talking about PETA, but they have a campaign going on about the slaughter of seals in Canada that caught my eye. Good for them. That said they are attempting to use the Vancouver Olympics, and the IOC, as leverage against the Canadian state (Olympic Shame 2010). It also seems rather pointless, as PETA isn’t actually protesting the Games. There is no call for the boycott of the Games as far as I can tell. Meanwhile, there are groups who are protesting the Olympics completely (and with a more rounded critique that I can get behind).

If tomorrow Canada said, “Damn you, you’ve embarrassed us enough. We’ll get rid of seal hunting.” Would all of these folks in the PETA slide shows suddenly be ok going to the Olympics?


5 Responses to “2010: Year the Seal?”

  1. Elaine Vigneault Says:

    Well, I think boycotts should be targeted and not “well rounded,” which is part of the reason that veganism is NOT a boycott.
    But, I understand your point.

    By the way, I love how people can now reply to one another in the comments section. It adds a whole new dimension to the website.

    • Royce Says:

      Why should a boycott not be well rounded?

    • Liz W Says:

      Oh, that’s cool! I thought only LJ and its spin-offs had taht feature. I wonder if it works for follow-up comments too, i.e. will I now only be notified of replies in this thread and not every single comment to the post? That can overwhelm an inbox so quickly that I rarely comment off-LJ.

  2. Americana Says:

    This is for Danni and his Micheal Vick post on Racilicious and I have to say THANK YOU!! I couldn’t agree more and for those 2 dumb shits ‘Joseph’ and Fiqah who obviously either have a secret ‘love affair’ or have their heads up each other’s asses they can seriously FUCK OFF and fuck each other! Funy how those SAME damn holier thans in the media are completely IGNORING the stories of the accusation of RAPE against Steelers quaterback Ben Rothelisberger and the accusation of assault against an ELDERLY cabbie by Blackhawks player Patrick Kane. And I’m just so sure race has NOTHING to do with why both THOSE stories are taking a back seat to Vick right and I’m the next daughter-in-law to the fucking Queen of England!! Not only am I pissed at ESPN for STILL focusing on this but why the FUCK are CNN and Headline News still whining about it?!! God fucking FORBID those pricks would have the SAME goddamn outrage about Casey Anthony or Marni Yang or Melissa Huckaby you know the white females that are accused of murdering CHILDREN. But let’s worry some more about dogs shall we.

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