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Sofrito Pa’ Ti vegan recipe zine October 12, 2009

Filed under: vegan — Noemi M @ 5:51 pm

Hi, my name is Noemi. I blog occasionally here at vegans of color and write zines, do community work & am a legal worker assisting survivors of domestic violence.  My blog & writing can be found at

I’m compiling a vegan recipe zine, “Sofrito Pa’ Ti.”  I’m a Puerto Rican/Mexican single mom, alternative media activist & writer living in south texas and I love to bake & cook. It’ll be focused on how to cook when you don’t have a traditional stove (which we don’t)-so we cook w/ electric skillets, microwave, slow cookers, tea pot (boil water for oatmeal or pasta!) and a counter toaster oven. A smaller version of this was available at this year’s Allied Media Conference and now I want to expand it and include more recipes. If you’d like to submit your vegan recipes, send up to 3 to csdistro (at) gmail dot com. Include your name, email, mailing address and a brief bio, include your email or site in your bio if you’d like it to be included in the zine.
Deadline-shall we aim for Dec 15th?

Email me if you have any questions *I don’t have internet access at home so I wouldn’t be able to respond to replies here in a timely fashion.



4 Responses to “Sofrito Pa’ Ti vegan recipe zine”

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  2. […] anyone could make me change my mind it’s amiga Noemi which is why I want peeps to know about her latest zine project! I’m compiling a vegan recipe zine, “Sofrito Pa’ Ti.” I’m a Puerto Rican/Mexican single […]

  3. johanna Says:

    Hi Noemi — I have been so bad at keeping up w/things on this blog, but I did want to say that this zine sounds awesome! And I’m sorry I never e-mailed you any recipes for it when you’d asked a while ago.

    I like doing things like baked potatoes or (small) casseroles in toaster ovens. I also have a pizza recipe we use that uses (vegan, natch) french bread & a tofu-based spread–we bake it in our full-sized oven but I bet it would bake nicely in a toaster oven too (it certainly reheats nicely in one!).

  4. Taymer Says:

    Hi, Thanks for adding me to the blog roll. I will look around to see what I can come up with and submit a recipe asap


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