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resisting invocations of coloniality January 13, 2010

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“The same historical process that has taught us the value of modernity has also made us the victims of modernity” -Pather Chatterjee, Our Modernity

Coloniality is not a derivative or an unintended side effect of modernity, it is coeval and thus constitutive of modernity. Coloniality is referred to as the dark-side, the under-side of modernity. We then can speak of the modernity/ coloniality tandem to address the current social problems. -Rolando Vázquez, Modernity Coloniality and Visibility: the politics of time

The approach of these so-called activists in our view is intended to disdainfully depict His Majesty and the Zulu nation as people who are still trapped in darkness.” – IFP MPL Blessed Gwala

“I’m appalled by his behavior and him accusing the Cherokee of being barbaric.” Chief Mitchell Hicks