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Coyote Rehabilitation in Los Angeles January 19, 2010

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Animal Advocates, based in the Los Angeles area, has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife since 2002. On Saturday they received a coyote rehabilitation permit from Los Angeles, and so are now authorized to rehabilitate sick and orphaned coyotes. In the past they would have to drive the coyotes to rehabilitation clinics further out after holding them for up to forty-eight hours. This is I think fantastic news for coyotes who have had some negative press from a couple of biting incidents back in September. It seems that most coyotes who would bite people would be sick or injured (or have had poor interactions with humans either through people feeding them or more negative actions).

Animal Advocates also rescues and rehabilitate other wildlife in Los Angeles County, and if you see sick, injured, or orphaned animals in LA you should call, (310) 877-4770,‎ or visit their website, which also has resources for finding similar organizations in other places, as well as a DOs and DON’Ts of dealing with coyotes.

You can also volunteer your time and skills by emailing them, and donating at their website if you’d like to help them.

I think it is important that organizations that ease the strain on both human and non-human urban dwellers. In the urban ecosystem coyotes play a vital role as one of the top predators in urban environments keeping the populations of rats and mice in check. Any organization that helps the nonhuman, nondomesticated members of our communities is doing something right.

You can also visit the Animal Advocate facebook page which seems to be updated more often than the website.


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