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Filipino vegan food in Oakland, CA (USA) February 8, 2010

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I think I first stumbled upon No Worries Catering online a while ago, but as it was unclear whether they were still in existence & I’ve never lived near Oakland, CA, it slipped my mind. (EDIT: I may have also been confusing them w/a Filipino vegetarian restaurant somewhere in CA that I think closed a while ago — I’ve never lived anywhere in CA so it probably all went into the “you can’t go there anyway” part of my brain!)

However, this Filipino vegan catering business is alive & well, with a sleek website & the news that, starting in April, they’ll be selling food at the Jack London Square Market.

Color me jealous! If any local Pin@ys out there are reading (or anyone else, of course), why not try them out & report back?

Also, I LOVE that No Worries’ tagline (at the top of your browser when you’re on their site) is “Have you eaten?” Because as some of us know, “Did you eat?” means “I love you”.


2 Responses to “Filipino vegan food in Oakland, CA (USA)”

  1. Erika Says:

    I am SO looking forward to April. I was lucky enough to try No Worries at San Francisco VegFest in October 2009, and DAMN. Just, DAMN. Not only is the food phenomenally delicious, it’s a family-run business and they were just so nice and happy that people were enjoying their food. Good food and nice people, what more do you want?

  2. Jenny p Says:

    Finally a place I can go eat with my grandpa that he might enjoy! amazing!!! Why have I never heard of this place?! I’m going to check it out asap!!

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