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Sistah Vegan book: Breeze Speaks on Video February 20, 2010

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As the Sistah Vegan book release approaches, I wanted to speak about the journey I had with the Sistah Vegan project and the book. Below are two videos. I think it captures my voice better than the usual “writing thing” that I do with this blog.




9 Responses to “Sistah Vegan book: Breeze Speaks on Video”

  1. Humanimal Says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming book release!

  2. Breeze, thank you so much for sharing this discussion of your work. I truly look forward to reading Sistah Vegan and will get a copy as soon as I can.

    It may be heartening for you to hear that there’s at least one vegan out there who doesn’t identify as a woman of color who is nonetheless extremely interested in the intersection of race, diet, gender and sexuality. I’m grateful for the work you’re doing. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. seki Says:

    WOW. I am so glad that you did this as a video. I learn alot from reading this blog but your video was enlightening. I am a vegetarian, tipping my toe into veganism, but the politics keep scooting me away. I just want to eat healthy. But after reading part 1, maybe I will go deeper. Thanks for the post.

  4. ladyorganic Says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming book release! I look foward to reading it. Sounds like just what I need to add to my library.

  5. emfole Says:

    amazing. you are an inspiration. thank you for insisting that identity has everything to do with food.

  6. Mo Says:

    Congrats on the book!

    Thanks so much for telling this story. I’m glad you didn’t give up because there are so many people who deserve to have their experiences told.

  7. Johnny Says:

    Congratulations and thank you for this…

  8. […] Harper @ Vegans of Color “Sistah Vegan Book” – Harper describes the process of doing research on black female vegans from a […]

  9. Katie Says:

    The shipment of your books just arrived at our bookstore!! Yay!

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