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does second-hand figure into your ethics equation? March 4, 2010

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Did you hear about Gilbert Arenas hosting PETA’s fur give-away at the Rachael’s Women’s Center in DC this past Tuesday?  Arenas handed out second-hand furs to women at a center that supports former and current homeless women.

These kinds of events, as well as my thrift/free store & Nordstrom’s trips to find shoes, always make me revisit my ethical equation of used consumption over new consumption divided by non-animal equals wearing used organic hemp shoes in the winter!

What does your ethical equation look like? Would you choose to wear a second-hand fur over a new non-animal coat?  What about new Franco Sarto faux boots (!) over second-hand leather shoes at a free store?

Does the self-knowledge of choosing to wear free leather shoes bcuz free is better for the  environment trump the potentiality of perpetuating the idea that animals are intended primarily for human needs?