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Soul Food For Thought: Vegan Black History Month Event in San Francisco March 10, 2010

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I recently stumbled upon this writeup (it’s a PDF linked from that post) of Soul-Food-For-Thought, a benefit in San Francisco for the International Fund for Africa. The event was sponsored by Go Vegan Radio, The San Francisco Vegetarian Society, and In Defense of Animals, and the extensive lineup included the Haitian singer King Wawa (a vegan — the writeup doesn’t specify if all the performers were vegan).

Speakers included IFA’s president, Dr. Anteneh Roba, who envisioned the event after being inspired by “the vitality of the African vegan movement” (says the article), and Dr. Milton Mills from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who spoke about the relevance of vegan food to African Americans.

And, uh, the celebrity co-hosts included a former star of Baywatch.

Anyway — did anyone go to this? What did you think? It is all too rare to see vegan events with any awareness of race, much less geared specifically towards POCs, so it’d be interesting to hear more about how it all played out.


5 Responses to “Soul Food For Thought: Vegan Black History Month Event in San Francisco”

  1. I was invited to present but declined for reasons I can’t express in public.

  2. Esta Says:

    I went to the event. It was great. I wish it had been somewhat better attended but I was encouraged to see a vegan event which focused on African Americans (and Africans?). Dr. Anteneh Roba, for me, was the highlight. His passion and conviction was so powerful. I love that his organization’s mission is to help human and non-human animals. I hope this is the first of many such events.

  3. Erin McWilliams Says:

    I was excited to see a flyer for this at Souley Vegan in Oakland. Glad to hear it went well, Esta!

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