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Win a Signed Copy of Sistah Vegan! March 13, 2010

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Breeze is giving away one signed copy of the new Sistah Vegan book.

She’s gonna make you work for it: in 250 words or less, write something about the following topic in the comments of her post:

Sistah Vegan project was created to tackle the question of the racialized experience within veganism, with an emphasis on people who identify as black women. Give an example of how issues of race (racialization, anti-racism, ‘whiteness as the norm,’ racial formation or colorism) and veganism intersect(ed) in YOUR own lived experience.

The contest ends 1 April, with the winner being announced on 5 April. I’m sure it will generate a lot of thought-provoking comments!


2 Responses to “Win a Signed Copy of Sistah Vegan!”

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  2. Samaya Kambon Says:

    From my experience from watching this entertainment show called “Soul Train,” I knew by looking at my parents pictures from the 70s’. I personally knew that they were smaller since they were younger. This obesity started out during the mid or late 60s’ when this white man that own the food factor, would try to come up with this new idea how to put chemicals in the food or liquid to manipulate the population of people, and to get people to be addicted to food. Being obese is not normal, because when it deals with growing with parents that didn’t know that certain food in poisonness to the body. For so long, I am tired of being overweight, and I want to do what is right for myself, and to motivate my family to do the right things. I personally would say that African American race are more addicted to food and sodas that are unhealthy for us, and it is not right to until to live in the unhealthy lives in this environment. I believe that we would all make a difference when we change our eating lifestyle.

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