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Sistah Vegan Book Tour Schedule (Breeze Harper) March 31, 2010

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April 8, 2010: Berkeley CA Sistah Vegan Book Release Celebration, Talk, and Signing with Breeze Harper.

Location: Guerilla Cafe, 1620 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA. Time: 7-9pm. Books available for purchase.

April 10, 2010: San Francisco GreenFest. 2-3pm Talk: “Grub and Eco-Politics”.

Go to:

April 14, 2010: Earthsave Radio Interview with Caryn Hartglass (host)

Location: Time : 12-1pm PST.

Talk: Breeze Harper will be interviewed about Sistah Vegan and the work she is doing as a PhD Candidate at UC Davis, focusing on intersections of critical race and vegan studies.


Location: AK Press 674-A 23rd St., Oakland CA 94612. 7-9pm

Talk: “Sistah Vegan: Breeze Harper Talks About the Intersection of Critical Race and Food Studies.” Book will be available for purchase and she will be signing.


April 17, 2010: “The Future of Health Care: Eat Well, Be Well” Holistic Health Conference at San Francisco State University

Location: San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA. Jack Adams Halls, Cesar Chavez Student Center. 1130am- 12:45pm.

Talk: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Diets- Benefits and Concerns (Breeze Harper and Dr. Will Tuttle)

May 1-2, 2010: Farm Sanctuary’s Annual “Hoe Down”.

Location: Orland, CA. Farm Sanctuary.

Talk: “A Compassionate Talk About Whiteness in Veganism.”


May 20, 2010: Sistah Vegan talk and book signing at Pegasus Books

Location: Pegasus Books, 1855 Solano Ave, Berkeley CA 94707. Time: 7:30-8:30 pm PST


4 Responses to “Sistah Vegan Book Tour Schedule (Breeze Harper)”

  1. grab this book! it’s really great!

  2. prof susurro Says:

    Congratulations! Are there plans to tour to other states as well?

  3. I am only touring in the N. California region, only because I have no money to tour outside of my home area. However, I am willing to go outside of the area if my travel and hotel are covered and am given an honorarium. So, if anyone knows anyone or entities who want to hire a sistah to come out and talk, let me know! 🙂

  4. prof susurro Says:

    my suggestion, make a flier with a take away quote about intersectionality and a separate more in depth bio sheet and book description (include fees in small print at the bottom of this 2nd sheet), send it out to all of the WS, AfAm, Ethnic Studies, and Environmental Studies Departments then hit up the WS listserv, WMST-L, and let them all know your book is coming out and you are looking to be invited to speak. (We @ pov u never have $$ to bring people to campus who we cannot finesse into coming for free, but I will let others know at uni.s who pay)

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