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race & the food system cfp April 14, 2010

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Title: Race and the Food System
Date: 2010-11-15
Description: Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts
Volume 4, Number 4 (Summer 2011) “Race and the Food System
Papers must be received by Nobember 15, 2010 to be considered
for publication in this issue. Please send manuscript
submissions to the editor: See Style
Guidelines (www.r …
Announcement ID: 175463

Marya @ chocolate & arugula


3 Responses to “race & the food system cfp”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Hey all!!

    My name is Shannon, and I’m currently doing a project for my one of my classes, during which I’ve become a vegetarian over the course of the semester while exploring what it means to be a vegetarian in general, and within the black community.

    I was hoping to ask any of the contributors a few questions, as a part of my research to include in my paper. So if any one of you could take the time out to answer a few, I would greatly appreciate it:

    First, when/why did you decide to become vegetarian/vegan?

    How did your family/other people around you react to your decision?

    Do you agree with the statement that “vegetarianism is a privilege?”

    What lifestyle changes or changes in thinking must occur to transition to a diet free of animal products?

    How is vegetarianism viewed in the general population, and specifically in the Black community?

    Are there any specific struggles that come with being a vegan of color? Any specific advantages?

    ❤ Shannon

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