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Links! December 18, 2010

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Stephanie Lai & Katrina Fox recently gave a talk about intersectionality & animal rights. YouTube vids here: part 1, part 2, part 3. And text for Stephanie’s part of the talk is here.

I’d also like to note the start of a new food blog carnival, Potluck:

Potluck is intended to be a carnival for multicultural and intersectional discussions of food. There are no real limits on theme; however, the focus of the carnival is on thoughts and experiences around food through various topics that you might see around the social justice blogosphere, including but not limited to food discussions intersecting with disability, gender, sexuality, fat, animal rights and of course cultural and racial issues. We welcome you to share your recipes as well as your thoughts and experiences, but we ask that you do not submit posts with recipes only. eta; Submissions can be in any format you choose- essays, personal anecdotes, art, comics, etc.- so long as they meet the previous requirements./eta

The theme for the first edition is holidays, & the deadline is January 21. More info at the link.

I’d love to see some submissions that take animal rights into consideration. I’ve seen the posts that have inspired the carnival, & while I fully agree with their points — that race/culture-based shaming around what food is acceptable & what food is “gross” is nonsensical & wrong — the posts were difficult for me to read, given the vivid descriptions of dead animal food in them. To be clear: I would feel as uncomfortable, & do, reading people’s paeans to eating McDonald’s hamburgers as when they are talking about tripe or pigeon or kidney. I have experienced people finding the traditional food that my family eats as disgusting or strange, simply because it falls outside their strict Western view of what is “normal.” I’m just saying it’s difficult for me to read posts talking about it that write lovingly about dead animals in the process. I note, of course, that there are lots of veg*n foods that receive the same “ewwww, what is that weird crap” treatment: tofu, natto, kimchi, etc. etc. etc.


3 Responses to “Links!”

  1. steph Says:

    Thanks for the linkage, Johanna! The (modified) text of my part of the talk can also be found at the Scavenger: Addressing Racism and Classism in Animal Rights Activism.

    I’m really really keen for people to submit AR and vegan stuff to Potluck. I often feel a bit excluded by some of these (meaty) conversations, so I definitely want to get some other stuff in there!

  2. Monex Says:

    But as pattrice cautions we cannot forget about animals wasting away in cages in laboratories across the world infected with diseases denied any semblance of a normal life and subjected to invasive procedures that are frightening and acutely stressful for them. Once removed the entire room of monkeys would erupt into total pandemonium screaming thrashing and crashing against the sides of their cages some even reaching out through the bars in vain to get the baby back.Grabbing terrified babies from the arms of their mothers making the mothers scream in horror…There is something just gut-wrenchingly wrong with that. And in several species now Ive seen firsthand that members of the group will come to the defense of one individual whos attacked especially if the victim is a baby.

  3. Dan Says:

    For more info about the *many* benefits of vegetarianism (and the many problems with the production and consumption of meat), please visit (and share) Eco-Eating at

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