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Vegan Bake Sale in Seoul to Support Animal Shelter January 22, 2011

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Mipa from Alien’s Day Out & Kia from Soju & Pancakes are having a vegan bake sale on Saturday, January 29 in Seoul. This is to support a local animal shelter struggling against the very cold weather in Seoul this winter. As in, dogs are literally freezing to death.

Here’s the Facebook invite. If you’re not in Seoul, please spread the word to folks you may know there! Judging from the scrumptious photos of her cooking & baking I see frequently on Mipa’s blog, it will definitely be worth checking out.


How NOT to Inspire More People to Go Vegan January 8, 2011

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Someone on Livejournal just posted a graphic created, apparently, as a vegan advocacy tool. In case that post gets deleted, the image is also here. I’m not posting it here because it makes me too angry.

It’s a graphic where the left half is a black & white photo of several black, presumably African, children who look extremely malnourished; the right half is a color photo of a cow. The text at the bottom says, “Who do you want to feed?” The font, by the way, is the same one used for LOLcats or other popular graphics that are generally seen as sarcastic or ironic (like Privilege Denying Dude).

I get what the person is trying to say; it’s drawing attention to how much grain is used to feed cows that are killed for human consumption versus how many people that could feed instead. I get the intention. Nevertheless, intention itself is not enough. This graphic embodies the worst kind of oppression porn, OMG-THOSE-POOR-BROWN-PEOPLE-OVER-THERE. And to many internet-savvy people, it may well appear to be a joke graphic because of the LOLcat font — like there should be a punchline. (Actually, I think it’s pretty close to an unintentional Privilege Denying Dude graphic myself.)

I’m not laughing.