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Vegan Bake Sale in Seoul to Support Animal Shelter January 22, 2011

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Mipa from Alien’s Day Out & Kia from Soju & Pancakes are having a vegan bake sale on Saturday, January 29 in Seoul. This is to support a local animal shelter struggling against the very cold weather in Seoul this winter. As in, dogs are literally freezing to death.

Here’s the Facebook invite. If you’re not in Seoul, please spread the word to folks you may know there! Judging from the scrumptious photos of her cooking & baking I see frequently on Mipa’s blog, it will definitely be worth checking out.


4 Responses to “Vegan Bake Sale in Seoul to Support Animal Shelter”

  1. veganelder Says:

    Thank you for publicizing this event!

  2. Awesome! Good luck and thank you for doing this.

  3. Adam Ortiz Says:

    Dear Vegans of Color Blog Contributors,

    My name is Adam Ortiz and I am very much interested in blogging for your website. Despite having only recently discovered Vegans of Color, I have read through a significant amount of your archives and believe that I have a lot of relevant ideas to contribute. I have been off-and-on vegan for the past fourteen years (more on than off, for sure), and am currently both a social justice educator and higher education administrator. My current areas of research focus are patriarchy, multiracial experiences, social identity intersections with animal rights, class exploitation, and feminism. As a social justice educator and vegan – and person of color – I find the intersections of animal exploitation and human exploitation unavoidable, yet consistently resisted by many of my friends and colleagues. As a result, I have thought a lot about veganism and social justice, and would like to expound on my ideas via this blog. If you are interested, please email me with some details and further thoughts you may have. Thank you so much for your consideration!


  4. SoyPunk Says:

    I would love to be a part of this blog.
    i already blog
    I am latina so i am a vvegan of color.

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