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Nobody Deserves a Tsunami March 14, 2011

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I’ve posted before about my discomfort with the rhetoric of the anti-whaling movement.

Now I see that Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd has posted a little poem on Facebook about the tsunami that’s hit Japan:


Neptune’s voice rolled like thunder thru the sky
Angrily he smote the deep seabed floor
From the shore echoed mankind’s mournful cry
……The sea rose up and struck fast for the shore

From out of the East with the rising sun
The seas fearful wrath burst upon the land
With little time to prepare or to run
Against a power no human can stand

Whether or not you interpret this as the tsunami being karmic retribution for whaling or prefer to see it as an oh-so-coincidental comment on the uncontrollable whims of an anthropomorphized force of nature, this is completely out of line & no different from those people who are saying Japan deserved the earthquake & tsunami because of Pearl Harbor. I am disgusted by the 550+ people on Facebook who clicked to indicate that they liked the poem.

If you have spare money & are so inclined, [community profile] help_japan & help_japan are running fannish — see my worlds intersect! — auctions to raise funds for disaster relief. There are lots of non-fannish things being offered, too, & certainly on the Dreamwidth auction (the first link) all you need is a valid e-mail address to bid.