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Angela Davis on eating chickens, Occupy, and including animals in social justice initiative of the 99% March 3, 2012

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I asked Angela Davis about extending compassion beyond humans as part of social justice and making Occupy Movement successful.

I got to ask her my question about something she alluded to in her keynote, that sounded like she is pro-vegan and anti-speciesist. My husband video recorded my question and the answer she gave me. I felt silly that I didn’t have a copy of Sistah Vegan on me so she could have that reference! ARGGGHHH!!!

And yes, I mispronounced her name… but I was nervous dammit! I mean, it’s not like everyday I get to ask one of my top critical feminist theorists a question!


15 Responses to “Angela Davis on eating chickens, Occupy, and including animals in social justice initiative of the 99%”

  1. Richard McMahan Says:

    I was curious as to the present thinking of the 60’s radicals, as to how they might view the vegan movement, so thank you for asking Angela Davis your question. Her response was equally gratifying, and reaffirms my decades long respect for her thoughtful intelligence.

  2. Diane Says:


  3. vegangsterARNP Says:

    Well done. I am so glad to see that this is being discussed, and I like her discussion of the subject matter in regards to capitalism’s hold over our minds, and the unnecessary suffering for profit.

  4. Wendy Says:

    I’m so glad that this issue was brought up, but I do wish there would be recognition that it goes beyond factory farming. This is my pet peeve living in a town that is hugely locavorist. There is this tacit agreement that factory farming is OMG like SO BAD but you know, we eat animals that [sic] were raised next door so it’s like, okay and everything. And we pray over the carcass. So, you know. Namaste and pass the free-range lamb chops, thank you.

    • Wendy, she only literally had 2 minutes to answer each question, but I’m thinking that angela answers the way she does to speak to the majority of the audience who may not yet be ready to hear anti-specieism and what pro-vegan social justice looks like. She is asking people to start with the concept of factory farming, and to watch Food Inc., first (thought it would have been nice for her to suggest Forks over Knives.) I think if she were in a different venue that were pro-vegan, then she’d probably talk more about anti-speciesism in general.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. I was at this talk. I wanted to thank you for your awesome question. Animal peoples are our relatives and deserve our respect!

  6. proudwomon Says:

    i would love to hear angela speak for longer – and on veganism specifically…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    thank you for sharing, breeze! i am finding it difficult to find non-white literature o veganism. i appreciate your contribution to this field! 🙂

    ellen, a fellow vegan of colour

  8. AOCNY Says:

    Dine with @kathynajimy + @GloriaSteinem at @candle79 – the best vegan spot in town! Give to @equalitynow + feel good

  9. fabugirls Says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to actually SPEAK to Angela! She’s such a politcal/activist/feminist icon for me. I’m happy to know her thoughts on America’s eating habits and how closely tied to capitalism they are.

  10. fabugirls Says:

    Thank you for having the balls to actually SPEAK to Davis. She is my political/feminist/activist icon! It was great to hear what she had to say about America’s eating habits being so closely related to capitalism.

  11. Says:

    Funk-a-delik and Afro-licious! Now if she could only convince African-American churches to ordain Lebians as pastors!

  12. […] Angela Davis on eating chickens, Occupy, and including animals in social justice initiative of the 9… ( […]

  13. Joanne Thompson Says:

    Wow, Angela! You are awesome!!!

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