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May 8, 2012

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The Sistah Vegan Project

I updated this from last night because I wanted to write about B12 and provide several more book sources.

The other week, Nina Planck published an article about the risks of raising vegan children and I thought I’d answer some of the statements she made. You can find the article here that I’m referring to: Is Veganism Good for Everyone?

I wanted to just offer some of my own information, in response to Planck’s concerns of raising children on a vegan diet or being a vegan while pregnant.

First, Nina Planck wrote that vegans are deficient in many things which “include fully-formed vitamins A and D, vitamin B12, and the long-chain fatty acids found in fish.”

Breeze Harper’s response: Okay, there is a D3 source that is vegan. Vitashine. Yes, a vegan source of D3 and of course, if you live where there is a lot of sunshine, try…

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The Sistah Vegan Project

I was getting sick whenever my toddler would bring something home from the playground… but then I added these things to my diet and haven’t been sick since. This also works very well if you do have the cold or flu already and need to fight it fast. Watch the video to see what I added.

*Grapefruit Seed Extract (Nutribiotic brand):

*Elderberry (boil in water. Never eat fresh elderberry or dried berries unless you have boiled them. If you don’t, you will poison yourself with cyanide that is found in the berry. The cyanide is neutralized through boiling them. If you are scared to do this yourself, then by a tincture of elderberry)
Click here– for Dried elderberry
Click here for —> Elderberry extract

*Ginger (fresh)

*Kale (fresh)

*Eucalyptus Essential Oil (don’t eat, just inhale). USE Radiata not Globolus species.


Furthermore, if you already…

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The Sistah Vegan Project

Video recording of Breeze Harper’s April 28 2012 keynote address for the Brown Suga Youth Festival in Denver, Colorado. ATTENTION: THERE ARE 3 PARTS. SCROLL DOWN FOR PARTS II & III.

Part I (47 minutes)

This is the keynote lecture I gave for the April 28 2012 Denver, Colorado “Brown Suga Youth Festival”.  I talk about solidarity, decolonizing our minds, being aware of the dangers of capitalism on our minds, veganism, non-human animals suffering, food justice, and health activism. The first 9 minutes are introductions from the husband wife duo Naembe and Ietef, who put the festival together. I start speaking about 9 minutes into the video. There are 3 parts to this. The last is the q & a.

Part II (12 minutes)

Part III (The Question and Answer section: 11 minutes)

I want you to notice that Ietef and Naembe are both carrying babies. This event was something I…

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The Sistah Vegan Project


Yup, that’s right.

I said “vagina.”

Stop being squeemish. (LOL)

For real, though, let’s talk about vaginal health. Yea, it’s a broad topic, but I am going to focus on maintaining vaginal moisture through herbs and food.

They sell so much lube in the stores, I have always wondered if it is ‘normal’ that so many vaginas in the USA have problems with ‘dryness’. I mean, what did people do before AquaLube?

Throughout my life, I have talked to so many adults with vaginas, sexually active or not, who are having major problems with finding a way to be wet all the time. Many experience chaffing and have to use personal lubricant just to walk around comfortably.

So, here I am, Sistah Vegan, about to talk about some suggestions to kept that vegan vagina’s moisture in harmony. And yea, you can consider these suggestions even if you aren’t vegan. But…

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