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Because we don’t have the luxury of being single-issue

May 8, 2012

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Sistah Vegan

I updated this from last night because I wanted to write about B12 and provide several more book sources.

The other week, Nina Planck published an article about the risks of raising vegan children and I thought I’d answer some of the statements she made. You can find the article here that I’m referring to: Is Veganism Good for Everyone?

I wanted to just offer some of my own information, in response to Planck’s concerns of raising children on a vegan diet or being a vegan while pregnant.

First, Nina Planck wrote that vegans are deficient in many things which “include fully-formed vitamins A and D, vitamin B12, and the long-chain fatty acids found in fish.”

Breeze Harper’s response: Okay, there is a D3 source that is vegan. Vitashine. Yes, a vegan source of D3 and of course, if you live where there is a lot of sunshine, try…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That statement is so far from the truth our entire family is vegan. Children that are vegan are extremely healthy. My grandchildren are vegan and breastfed. They are so healthy and my grandson is 4.5 months old and he is 16 pounds. Children love green smoothies, salads, whole grains etc…it is the parents that ruin the taste buds of children thinking that they need “good tasting food” when it is in fact the opposite. I was watching a friend of mines children who eat unhealthy and her children were asking for seconds on salad and bean burgers. Wow!!! say no more….

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