Vegans of Color

Because we don’t have the luxury of being single-issue

September 23, 2012

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Sistah Vegan

Extended deadline for Abstracts is November 15, 2013. Final completed piece deadline: March 15, 2014.

You can email me your abstracts (approximately 2 paragraphs) at the email address sistahvegan(at)gmail (dot). Com

Click on the above video to hear about Brotha Vegan , the sibling to Sistah Vegan book. (TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO FOLLOWS AFTER THE DETAILS BELOW)

This anthology isn’t only about veganism. It’s actually critical perspectives and arts coming from a black male vegan consciousness; black men/men of African descent living in North America. You can talk about veganism, but you can also talk about other topics that intersect with your vegan consciousness. What are the ways in which black vegan males think about:

  1. Hip hop culture and vegan activism
  2. Environmental and nutritional racism
  3. Meat eating as a “masculine” stereotype
  4. Class and food access
  5. Structural racism’s effects on food acces
  6. “Obesity” and diabetes in the African American community
  7. Access…

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  1. I don’t think it’s that it Black men Vegans don’t exist. My husband and family happen to be vegan.We are black. I understand that it can be a bit frustrated.
    I really see that veganism is about taking responsibility for your health. For my person it’s really critical that i stay engaged in being vegan and healthy, simple because of family history; my mother had two bouts with breast cancer and my father had his left leg amputated recently because of complications of diabetes. About four years ago i wrote my first cookbook. I will send this message out to other friends of mine whose husbands happen to be vegans as well, just to get perspective if that’s what you are looking for.. Thank you for holding the torch. We aren’t there yet, but we are just at the horizon. Peace

  2. Hi there, well I a white female vegan with three vegan daughters, Since my husband left me I have only dated black men. I live in the UK. There appear to be so few vegan black males over here in the UK. I have one rasta friend who is vegetarian borderline vegan and one friend from Goa and he is vegan too. Would you be interested in me putting them in touch or are you only canvassing the views of those in the USA who are black, male and vegan? Your site is very enlightening by the way

  3. A black male introduced me to Veganism! I knew very little about it when we met. I began to educate myself on the health benefits (as he told me there were many) and I decided to adopt this lifestyle.

  4. craig Says:

    I’m a brotha who is a vegan. I became a vegan out concern for my health at first; later to try to be a silent living protest against the rampant diseases that are taking many folks of color out. It breaks my heart to see someone not live up to their full potential simply because they are addicted to processed foods being pushed on the poor, namely people of color. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, erection dysfunction, you name it – usually stemming from a animal based diet. Some of the most unhealthy food joints are usually in the poorest of neighborhoods; it sickens me. In the meantime, there is the effect on the environment. Credible sources such as MIT are telling us global warming is being caused by many sources, but mainly the meat industry. We will do anything to make a quick dollar, kill our neighbors, destroy the environment, torture animals, poison ourselves to death.

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