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October 24, 2012

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The Sistah Vegan Project

I am teaching Eva Luna some Queen Afua inspired nutrition for her womb-health now. She is 14 months old.

I tell her every morning that kale is the food of the goddess. I tell her that I try to decolonize my womb with raw green smoothies. She doesn’t know what I mean, but she will soon.

I am hoping that she will appreciate the Afrowomanist healing knowledge I give her. Similarly to when Sun was a baby (he is 3 now), I make herbal teas while holding her.  I tell her how gifts like nettles help make breastmilk that is nutrient rich for her and is high in calcium and great for her skin and hair health.

The other day, we bought vegan organic ice cream scoop in San Francisco. After a few tiny spoonfuls, Sun decided to stop eating it. He said, “Mama, I don’t want anymore. I don’t…

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  1. harvardvegan Says:


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    Welcoming connections on LinkedIn and FANS at Facebook – Photos of India trip!

  2. HarvardVegan Maynard S. Clark is that your only reaction to this piece?

  3. soulhands Says:

    hey breeze,
    I have to say that you have been an enormous inspiration to my life, as a vegan and as a latina womyn. Thank you so much for your honesty, the personal insights into your life, and for great critical analysis on the intersections of race, class, sex and gender in food politics. I love the anthology of Black Female Vegans, and look forward to your other literature. I was also writing a comment to suggest that I would like to post on this blog in the future, and am curious of the how the process would work. Anywho, much love and light. -ingrid, nyc

  4. missy lane Says:

    this is precious!!!!

    i just like to say that i think she’ll know what you mean even sooner than you may think! my mom used to always drill into me that i have the best of both worlds, i’m strong, independent, revolutionary… well one day, when i was 2 or so, she was certain that i hadn’t been listening earlier to what a powerful individual i was. and when it was time for my nap, i shot back, ‘but i don’t wanna take a nap. you said i’m my own person and if i’m my own person i have rights and i shouldn’t have to take a nap.’ paaahahaaaa! i look forward to similar posts from you about your little powerhouse!

    anywho, it says to the side to leave a comment here if you’re a vegan blogger of color and would like to submit a piece. we’ll i’d love to 🙂 it’s a response to vegans who praise the idf for their policy which accommodates vegan soldiers. i’d like to send it to you for your consideration.

    thanks for your time!

    kind regards,

  5. Selina Says:

    I would also recommend nettles, and nuts and seeds as a milk – soaked at first. There is also nettle infusion, but I don’t think that would taste good for a baby. You might want to try and make a creamy nettle soup, try adding cashew cream, which is also high in calcium.

    Or perhaps some warm oatmilk with molasses, which is really tasty. I’m not saying that kale isn’t a good alternative 😀 just listing a few other things to try.

  6. House of Vegan Says:

    Fantastic blog!
    And your baby is so cute, what beautiful eyes!

  7. Jen Oglow Says:

    I think this is wonderful. Detoxifying your body every now and then is good for our health. We can remove toxins that have accumulated over the past and start living a healthy lifestyle. Good diet andexercise is the key to be fit and fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I am a spirulina user myself.hah

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