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Want to drop weight and become younger looking through veganism? July 12, 2013

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The Sistah Vegan Project


Well, the Sistah Vegan Project is not the place to point you to the “answers” to these questions. I know that a plethora of pro-vegan organizations, such as PETA, love to promote these ‘deep’ reasons to change one’s diet: to ‘look’  younger and to lose weight, as this will ‘guarantee’ that you will be ‘loved’, ‘accepted’, found ‘sexy’, ‘attractive’, and furthermore, your body will represent what a ‘properly moral’ body should look like.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really troubled by the extreme focuses on pro-vegan advertisements and services that beat it into our consciousnesses, at least here in the USA, that you aren’t a ‘responsible’ and ‘moral’ citizen-consumer (and I say ‘citizen consumer’ because goddess forbid if we didn’t exist just to consume!) if you basically don’t look like the gazillion gurus and hired models out there. These people don’t represent an ‘objective’ visual representation of health…

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One Response to “Want to drop weight and become younger looking through veganism?”

  1. Salman Al-Farisi Says:

    Lots of people (all colors) have been told this; nevertheless, very few heed the advice. It is not tall about kindness to creatures in Nature, it is about your own health and the creatures in Nature. The Whites and Asians do seem to listen more and take steps in the direction of, at least, vegetarianism; the African Americans and Hispanics seem to feel that I have desecrated their culture. Me? I am Native American, I have several sources of protein; no need for any animal products. I listen to what Peta has to say, but I have proof that the “eating plan” works–my own body. I saw a R.D. when my cholesterol was tested as 219 during the time I was being diagnosed for an unknown illness. Just turning vegetarian; later, vegan, dropped the pounds, gave me plenty of energy,
    made me look better, lowered the cholesterol to a whopping 38, and forced me to buy smaller clothing. I even returned to the gym in order to lift weights again. After a few months of being vegan, I started to read Peta posts. Oh, my illness turned out to be M.S. and I’m loving life. I may not look like a typical body builder, but I’m no slouch, I get “hit-on” regularly.

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