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My Sistah Vegan Twitter Account Was Suspended. Very Strange. September 1, 2013

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The Sistah Vegan Project

If you have been a follower of @sistahvegan on Twitter, perhaps you noticed something strange…. I’ve been suspended, which means you can’t find me on there anymore. With no explanation, my account was suspended 3 days ago. When I clicked on the link that explains why accounts are usually suspended, they say it’s from aggressive follower behavior. I am not sure what that means, but the consequences of them doing this means I have lost over 1500 followers. I only tweet less than 10x a day, so I am not sure if this is considered ‘aggressive.’ My Tweets usually focus on the Sistah Vegan Project and/or critical race, critical whiteness, or critical feminist analysis of food, health, etc.

So, I am wondering if someone has reported me as being ‘aggressive’ because of my focus on race and whiteness in my analysis. I am curious, as I have been called racist…

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