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Hemp seeds for racial tension headaches: Building solidarity with mainstream vegan products companies for Black Lives Matter April 13, 2015

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The Sistah Vegan Project


Today, another well known vegan products company responded to my request for sponsorship for our conference with a “no”. They explained that they simply cannot do it because they receive too many requests to say no to. I answered them in a appreciative letter, letting them know that their products have been essential for my healthy pregnancies and the new book I am working on.

I think most mainstream vegan products companies probably don’t think about the ‘racial healing’ aspect of their ingredients. I am hoping that my letter can get them and many other companies who take a ‘post-racial’ approach to their marketing and meaning of their products, to think about the possibility of partnering with the Sistah Vegan Project in the future and enact solidarity with anti-racism movements with something as ‘simple’ as hemp seeds, Spirulina, kale and other super food ingredients I suggest for racial healing.

I assume…

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