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Foodie-Tech Apps Worth Millions Won’t Kill the Neoliberal Racist Capitalist [Food] System May 25, 2015

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I just saw this video on CNN (Will Blue Apron Kill your Grocery Store?). So many questions and comments have popped into my head. Here are my thoughts as a critical race feminist researcher within the discipline of critical food studies and critical pedagogies of consumption. I have been thinking about what role do foodie-tech app companies worth tens of millions of dollars have in dismantling (or colluding with) a neoliberal racist capitalist [food] system..

Like all these food tech startups, yes, foodie-tech startups like Blue Apron and similarly highly successful foodie-tech start-ups will change the way of eating and make it ‘easier’ and ‘kill’ YOUR grocery store-

-But wait, who is ‘you’ and ‘your’?

Unpacking ‘You’ and ‘Your’

Does ‘you’ and ‘your’ include those living in spaces of environmental racism?  Are we talking about the nearly enslaved and abused mostly latino migrant workers who pick the very produce they…

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