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Dreams of Silver Spoons of “Normative Whiteness” and Its Continuum of Racialized Collateral Damage/Violence July 16, 2015

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Sistah Vegan

I had a dream last night.

More like a nightmare.

I was back at Dartmouth College, my undergrad alma mater that I attended with my twin brother in the mid 1990s.

Dartmouth College Green.

In the dream, my brother was walking across the college green and 3 white male students were yelling, ‘Nigger go home’ at him. It didn’t end well and they tried killing him with silver spoons and succeeded.

I had a vision of him in the ‘afterlife’ and his spirit was on the Dartmouth College green where he had been killed…but he didn’t realize he had been killed. He was in a fetal position, shaking in fear, holding a silver spoon in his hand; he was still wearing the clothes he had been killed in (a Dartmouth Green sweater and khaki pants). In the dream, I remember feeling incredibly distraught, sad, angry, and frightened because the students didn’t…

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