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The Racial Privilege of Voting With Your Dollars to Create a ‘Good Food’ System August 6, 2015

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I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘voting with your dollars’ mantra that I see just about everywhere in the racially and economically privileged areas of the SF Bay area where I live. I wanted to express my perspective with the below infographic and am hoping to open up the conversation about such topics; in my experience, such topics are nearly silenced within the ‘post-racial’ good food movement in the SF Bay area (and most of the USA). Reminder, this is not the “end all be all”. However, after reading Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow and attending the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter conference, I started thinking even more critically about the racial privilege analysis needed within this mainstream good food movement, here in SF Bay area– especially in California with the rise of the prison industrial complex.

Voting With Dollars (Conflict Copy)

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One Response to “The Racial Privilege of Voting With Your Dollars to Create a ‘Good Food’ System”

  1. […] to be said about racial and economic privilege in developing healthy diets, as the bloggers at Vegans of Color have dissected. And there’s a frustrating amount of unfiltered racism in the vegan community […]

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