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The ‘Broken’ Black Community Can Be ‘Fixed’ Through Afro-Centric Cissexist Heteronormative Framing of Plant-Based Dietary Health September 13, 2015

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The Sistah Vegan Project

MasculineEnergqueenAfuaYesterday, Queen Afua posted this on her Facebook page. Why does she keep on repeating this cis-sexist and heteronormative ‘advices’ on how to be ‘healthier’ Black woman? This is just inexcusable. And quite dangerous and irresponsible. Completely pathologizes the entire spectrum of gender identities, gender expressions, sexualities, etc that don’t adhere to cis-sexist heteronormative notions of being human. Too many people on her page support it too. This plants seeds of hate and gives permission to enact violence (whether discursive or physical) upon those who don’t fit into her rubric of a ‘healthy Black conscious’ nation. So dangerous. Blows my mind. This is her concept of veganism but it is not the Sistah Vegan Project’s. This is not ‘non-violence’ or ahimsa (the tradition of veganism that the Sistah Vegan Project draws from). I’am quite disappointed but not surprised by this continued ‘advice’. Defining who is a real man or…

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