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Dreams of Silver Spoons of “Normative Whiteness” and Its Continuum of Racialized Collateral Damage/Violence July 16, 2015

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I had a dream last night.

More like a nightmare.

I was back at Dartmouth College, my undergrad alma mater that I attended with my twin brother in the mid 1990s.

Dartmouth College Green.

In the dream, my brother was walking across the college green and 3 white male students were yelling, ‘Nigger go home’ at him. It didn’t end well and they tried killing him with silver spoons and succeeded.

I had a vision of him in the ‘afterlife’ and his spirit was on the Dartmouth College green where he had been killed…but he didn’t realize he had been killed. He was in a fetal position, shaking in fear, holding a silver spoon in his hand; he was still wearing the clothes he had been killed in (a Dartmouth Green sweater and khaki pants). In the dream, I remember feeling incredibly distraught, sad, angry, and frightened because the students didn’t…

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“Full Blown Racists”, Preemptive Strikes, and Silence Amongst Mostly White Friends June 22, 2015

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The other day, I posted this update to my Facebook account:

I think My problem is that This Roof guy is loving the attention and it’s obvious he is excited to be written into the history books while the victims will just remain ‘nameless’ and ‘non-rememberable’ by the mainstream. Once again, centering then giving power to ‘whiteness’. (I will name them Clementa Pinckney, DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lance, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton and Myra Thompson.)

I actually think white racists are not anomalies. They are everywhere and it just manifests in differing ways. [A Facebook friend wrote that Roof was a ‘full blown racist’.] I am not sure how one would define a ‘full blown racist’. Does it take shooting up a Black church to be one? I actually think not; but that is just me and a majority of the scholars in critical…

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Foodie-Tech Apps Worth Millions Won’t Kill the Neoliberal Racist Capitalist [Food] System May 25, 2015

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I just saw this video on CNN (Will Blue Apron Kill your Grocery Store?). So many questions and comments have popped into my head. Here are my thoughts as a critical race feminist researcher within the discipline of critical food studies and critical pedagogies of consumption. I have been thinking about what role do foodie-tech app companies worth tens of millions of dollars have in dismantling (or colluding with) a neoliberal racist capitalist [food] system..

Like all these food tech startups, yes, foodie-tech startups like Blue Apron and similarly highly successful foodie-tech start-ups will change the way of eating and make it ‘easier’ and ‘kill’ YOUR grocery store-

-But wait, who is ‘you’ and ‘your’?

Unpacking ‘You’ and ‘Your’

Does ‘you’ and ‘your’ include those living in spaces of environmental racism?  Are we talking about the nearly enslaved and abused mostly latino migrant workers who pick the very produce they…

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Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter: Challenging Neoliberal Whiteness While Building Solidarity Among Vegans of Color and Allies web conference starts tomorrow April 24-25 2015 April 23, 2015

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veganpraxisblm(fb)Just wanted to send a friendly reminder that the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter: Challenging Neoliberal Whiteness While Building Solidarity Among Vegans of Color and Allies web conference starts tomorrow: . Economic hardship scholarships are still available. A ticket grants you free access to the recordings, which is great if you can’t make the entire conference’s live talks and workshops. 

The Feminist Wire ( published an article about it and so did Cuisine Noir ( 


[VIDEO] Black Rage and Ethical Consumption in an Era of Neoliberal Whiteness: UWisconsin-Madison April 13 2014 Talk April 17, 2015

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I gave a talk on April 13, 2015 at University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was called Ethical Consumption and Black Rage in an era of Neoliberal Whiteness (Ferguson Remix).

Here is the video above. Sorry, the audio isn’t so good. But, if you have access to earphones I suggest you wear them. Closed Captioning feature doesn’t seem to understand me, so I’m working on that.

And her is info about the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter conference that I mention in the video:

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Hemp seeds for racial tension headaches: Building solidarity with mainstream vegan products companies for Black Lives Matter April 13, 2015

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Today, another well known vegan products company responded to my request for sponsorship for our conference with a “no”. They explained that they simply cannot do it because they receive too many requests to say no to. I answered them in a appreciative letter, letting them know that their products have been essential for my healthy pregnancies and the new book I am working on.

I think most mainstream vegan products companies probably don’t think about the ‘racial healing’ aspect of their ingredients. I am hoping that my letter can get them and many other companies who take a ‘post-racial’ approach to their marketing and meaning of their products, to think about the possibility of partnering with the Sistah Vegan Project in the future and enact solidarity with anti-racism movements with something as ‘simple’ as hemp seeds, Spirulina, kale and other super food ingredients I suggest for racial healing.

I assume…

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Registration and Ticket Purchase Now Available for the Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter Conference. April 24-25 2015. April 3, 2015

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Registration and Ticket Purchase is Now Available Here.

Click on Poster for full conference details.


We hope you will be able to attend the upcoming interactive web conference, The Vegan Praxis of Black Lives Matter (April 24-25, 2015).

You may have received a newsletter yesterday that said registration for the conference will open on April 1. We do apologize, but due to technology challenges, it took a little longer, but now it is finally up. You can register and purchase tickets here

Ticket prices start at $30.00 for students and $45.00 for non-students for 2 day access and the ability to download recorded proceedings after the event.  We also have group pricing as well.

This is more than just a conference: it is a basically an interactive web conference designed to train participants to leave with concrete knowledge and tools to bring back to their work, communities, households, etc as…

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