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Mystic Vegan Tap-Dance Boogie August 26, 2010

Some funky-fresh dope pro-vegan pro-Earth Afro-positive bars and imagery for y’all. Lyrics over here. Music by Djelimady Tounkara.

“Vandana Shiva is the general…”


Hip Hop and Food August 24, 2008

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It took me a long time to get into hip hop. I got into punk music in middle school, and didn’t expand outside of punk and its offspring until college. So as my ideas on oppression grew, so did my new found crush on hip hop. Anyways there are three hip hop songs that I have liked at some point involving food, so I thought I’d share.

Beef and Broccoli

Immortal Technique used to a big deal here at Vassar. We know how liberal art students love appropriation. I used to really like Immortal Technique– in a few choice songs. Now I feel his blatant misogyny and homophobia definitely aren’t worth his tired (but still solid) critiques of liberal capitalism and racism. Though I always was disappointed in Immortal Techniques inability to see veganism as revolutionary, I realize because it has a lot to do with the way other artists portray veganism.

Be Healthy

Like Dead Prez. I love Dead Prez, and who can deny that lentil soup is mental fruit. Though this is one of their most apolitical songs, it still makes veganism sound so good.

Hood Diet

This is my new favorite song about food. A song about food justice– hell yes. By Loer Velocity featuring Donnan Linkz.