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A few announcements February 7, 2013

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Hi! Noemi here, a few announcements if you will.

I have finished two new zines, The Blue Metal Kettle and Lines from Acedia to Apatheia

which you can read about here at my site hermanaresist and order on etsy here. 

I’m looking for collaborators, zines and more for a new project S.alt Media Review, that reviews zines and projects by people of color. I’m also working on a yummy baked sweets vegan recipe zine, which I’ll be creating a kickstarter to fund the printing costs. I’ll announce it when I have that ready to go. The cover will be done by an amazing Chicana artist who also does tattoos, she’s done my Hermana,Resist and “create” typewriter tattoos. She’s vegan too 🙂

Pattrice Jones has sent us word that the VINE (veganism is the next evolution) Sanctuary is   seeking a professional fundraiser. I’ve added the call out here, good luck.