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Food Porn and Reconstructing Our Meals August 12, 2008

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I used to look at vegan food porn and think that it was a waste of time. I didn’t understand how it could really accomplish anything except make me hungry.

But now I’m thinking about the ways that foods, and the meal, are socially constructed. We live in a very carnicentric world. And the construction of food, has been limited to a handful of grains, greens, fruits, and of course, animal flesh and excretions. And for some of us– the diets of our families and/or communities were very carnicentric. And of course many omnivore’s, at least in my family and communities, wonder what one eats if one doesn’t eat flesh or excretions.What does a vegan eat at a barbecue, or a picnic, or even a home cooked meal. If you’re used to your meal looking like this:

Carnicentric dish

Carnicentric dish

Then its pretty hard to imagine a meal without flesh.

Meanwhile food porn gives us a multitude of images that are (nicer to look at and) that reconstruct the meal to make flesh unnecessary.

So perhaps food porn has a purpose, besides making me hungry. Because at this point, I’ve reconstructed the meal for myself to the point where putting flesh into it seems silly. So perhaps I need to share food porn with more people in my family, so that they can get turned on to a new diet.