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“Obesity Tax” in New York December 18, 2008

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I just saw this on CNN. I’m wondering what people think about Paterson’s tax proposal on sodas and combating obesity. Does taxing “unhealthy food” really change consumption? What are the implications of such a tax?


Who’s Monkeying Around for Veganism? December 14, 2008

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Recently I picked up a magazine from UK animal welfare group Viva that featured an article titled, “Don’t Monkey Around, Go Veggie!” It discussed a campaign they’re running, which highlights the loss of biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest caused by the raising of cattle for meat and uses a monkey as the main visual (see this leaflet [PDF file]). A photograph shows campaigners on the streets of Bristol; one is in a monkey suit, & two others, who appear — as far as I can tell — white, have monkey masks on their faces. Behind them, on a table, is a stack of monkey masks, presumably to give to interested passers-by along with leaflets.

My first reaction was that I could never dress up as a monkey: as a person of color I’ve been compared to animals & specifically to monkeys, gorillas, or other primates way too many times for that to be something I’d feel comfortable with (for more on this from an Asian American perspective, check out the anthology Screaming Monkeys). I know a lot of people of color who would feel the same way; historically the very humanity of many of us has been questioned, & comparing us to animals used to degrade us & justify mistreatment.

If I were handed a monkey mask on the street & exhorted to wear it on behalf of the animals, I would refuse for this reason. It seems pretty clear that this association of certain types of people with primates — and not in an empowering, “we’re all animals!” way — was not considered in planning this campaign. Color me surprised (pun intentional).


Fur is “green”…? December 7, 2008

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This is very interesting to me:

A quote from the website:

“Synthetics are generally made from petroleum (a non-renewable resource), which is NOT consistent with the sustainable use of our environment.
The production, transportation and disposal of petrochemicals can cause environmental problems.
The sustainable use of wildlife also provides an economic incentive to protect wilderness areas — the key to maintaining healthy wildlife populations.”

Has anyone seen this? I have always wondered how sustainable it is to buy vegan Gore-Tex apparel (and similar) for winter clothing when, to produce Gore-Tex, is not very “green”. But, how does one make the decision to select winter apparel as a practitioner of veganism?

Does anyone have any “evidence” of what are the “better” options for winter apparel to avoid suffering of humans, non-human animals, and the environment? I’m also wondering if there is any information about making winter apparel from hemp or cotton that is organically and fair trade made. Are animal based winter clothes REALLY the “warmest” and “greenest” option? And “green” for whom? I’m thinking that the non-human animal probably wouldn’t have the same understanding of “green” or agree that being killed for his/her fur is the “best option”….

I don’t now… something about this Fur is Green site makes me suspicious….