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Adopt Snow (Central Illinois) February 22, 2008

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Continuing with our semi-regular featuring of pets that need homes, here’s Snow:

Snow, the Great Pyrenees

I decided to search on Petfinder for dogs with snow-related names, because NYC is getting 6-9 inches of it today. Snow is a 12-15 month male Great Pyrenees, & gets along well with other dogs. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in adopting this big cutie, contact the rescue group at the link above.

As always, props to Elaine Vigneault for the idea. She highlights adoptable animals on her blog:

1. To remind my readers of all the companion animals who need homes
2. To highlight the personhood/personality of animals
3. To give link love to animal rescue organizations
4. To lighten my blog’s mood a bit with adorable animal pictures


2 Responses to “Adopt Snow (Central Illinois)”

  1. Awww, so cute. He looks nervous and scared, though, in that pic. He will probably take a bit to come out of his shell once he’s adopted, I bet.

  2. vegansofcolor Says:

    Yeah… I noticed the corner of the photo has an 11 in it — so maybe he was rescued in November & by now he’s gotten over his nervousness some? Poor guy!

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